decision making time

okay... i need some advice. what should i do with my hair? i'm in this in between stage where i can either grow out my bangs more or re-cut them. below are the two ladies i'm hair crushing right now, kristen stewart and ruby aldridge. i've tried to show the two looks in the photo booth grabs but it's hard to do bangs, as they're pretty long now. which looks best? what should i do? i'm hoping to get my hair done next week so i'd love your opinions. thanks xxxx cindy.


Stephanie said...

OMGOD you're sooo cute, I just want to reach through my screen and hug you lol!!!!

I really really like the second look on you and the Kristin look above.

I rationalize that you've already had bangs and they're growing out so why not change it up completely?! Plus you have a gorgeous face and I really find your looks lately have been going towards the latter hairstyle and that that one really highlights your features!

BTW- I bought the denim leather one! I couldn't decide! I kept going back and forth hoping someone would tell me which one to choose but alas that didn't happen... But I think I made the right choice- they're both stunning, but the blue is a standout colour with all the black I wear of late! Looks like A wang just bumped my ysl! Oh well, I'll just have to save all over again for my eventual ysl. (a wang was a better price point)


Katherine said...

I like both but I think the second look will be easier to manage in the summer. At least for me my forehead can get sweaty if I'm out walking in the heat, which doesn't make for cute bangs.

Jenn said...

awwwww! :)

well if you keep it the way it is now, you can do both ;)

CRISTA said...

let them grow!

stephanie said...

omgod I'm soo excited for your Vegas recap!!! you're going to have a
b l a s t!!!

That white mesh dress sounds amazing! But ya, i hate that feeling knowing that my ultra curvaceous mid section needs to be kept in mind at all times, I so wish sometimes that I could just slip in and out of something with ease and comfort the way Rumi types seem to do.

Oh and tell me about it! My mom is always saying how she prob never should have thrown out any of her clothes cause I would have loved them all and judging by some of her pictures there are a few pieces I could easily have adopted~!! so annoying,but then again, we can't keep everything and I wonder if i'll end up like that, with no hand me downs if I ever have a daughter.

I cant wait to see that philip lim top!! Ill cross my fingers it goes on sale for you!


The beautiful and glammed said...

I like both, maybe the fringe more! but you should keep the length of them as means you can do both! Fringes can be annoying in the summer xxxx

L. said...

they're both great!but i favor the stewart look:)

cat said...

oh you look amazing either way! i used to have bangs and they get really annoying in the summer, and you look beautiful without them so i say without!

Anonymous said...

i like you with bangs! but without is good too. kristen stewart has this amazingly perfect hairline, no? i guess you can't go wrong either way!

stephanie said...

LOL! your commment made me LAUGH!!!! Brenda is soo bitchy, you're so right!
I don't know when i'll post it but you'll love i'm certain. did you see the twitter abt it? it feels like suede! but its leather...weird but its fantastic! Yes, shopbop indeed.
omgod it's soo windy here lady, its like sunny and all & just below or just above zero but the winds have been INSANE all week making it so cold!!! I hate wind. it makes me angry. lol.


Merily said...

i LOVE your hair!