the alexa hour

it's offical,
this summer
a hour long live spectacle that is the alexa chung show will arrive.
plus check her out in upcoming issues of british vogue, us vogue and jalouse.


Yuka said...

i didnt know she was going to have her own show. hmm looking forward to it!

diamondsinchampagne said...

I cannot look at anything but those shoes, my god they are too fabulous.
Love the headpiece/band too... ahhhh

stephanie said...

omgod your story abt the croc gucci- i can just imagine that feeling! but i means c o m m o n- who can r e a l l y rationallize- never mind afford- spending that much on a bag?!!! I feel like no matter what my budget would be, i would still think twice if the bag was anywhere over $2000- that's already sooooooooooo much to spend on an o b j e c t that doesn't really serve a bigger purpose. Well, i might think less than twice for a Chanel, but i'd get it at vintagecouture first.

are the olsens going to the Met ball? I hope so. Ahley is sooo much older than her age, in personality,. you can tell she's just one of those pple who wishes she was in her 30's already. i am soo not like that, but i think it's cool. I love it that they have such opposites styles, it totally elevates their style/cool credence.

I'm not a lily fan either- apart from her proximity to the Roitfeld's as Vladimir gf ;) That outfit, however, as you agreed, was amazing on her.

Ok gonna ask you a really silly question now, but what's the firenze? ;)

also i totally agree abt tattoos...i have one but it's done so poorly that i want to work over it and get another one. but then i want my new one in another place...i find models to be so inspiring for tattoos....acutally my tatoo now (says made in france with a star before the first and last word- it's HYPER SMALL) was inspired by a Rolling Stones cover soooo many years ago where Gisele was featured with the same thing that said "made in brazil". i learned later that it was photoshopped in and not really her tatoo. lol. i still love the concept of mine, but i wish it was better done. im so disspointed it isnt. my brother's got so many tattos and theyre done by the best guy in mtl, but he only does big thing, so i cant go seem him. Plus, he books m o n t h s in advance and the thing with me and tattoos, is i need to do it impulsively.


stephanie said...

^officially the l o n g e s t comment ive e v e r written you lol! should have been an email hahah!


CAMILLE said...

wooow the shoes, they would have to be marni im guessing. I want them :)

camille x

tailorstitch said...

the shoes are amazing!! love her

N said...

I love alexa, but at the same time, I hate her a little bit :/