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just came back from the clothing show in toronto. it gets smaller and crappier every year but there's always a booth or two where you find a gem that makes it worth the trip. i got two pairs of cute flat ankle boots, one roper style and one oxford. two super soft vintage tees that will make great beach cover ups and a long sleeve floral 90's dress. i'll post pics of my haul soon.

i wore this outfit last week. i love the proportion of the loose high waisted tee over a tight mini. i also broke out some of my travel purchases, a long tiffany's ball chain and a great eagle head ring ♥. tonight i'm contemplating going to see wolverine or staying in and crashing on the couch with my skins s1 and 2 dvds.

skirt: aritzia
tee: american apparel
cardi: h&m
boots: vintage
necklaces and heart ring: tiffany's
wolf ring: street vendor
eagle turquoise ring: utah


Stephanie said...

l a d y y y y y y im sooooo insanely envious that you can pull this cropped oversized AA tee off!!l!

You styled it perfectly imo, exactly how i would wear it if i could. This look is great on you ;)

You look amazing and the first picture is all-around perfection!!!


Anonymous said...

I added you to my links :). I hope it doesn´t bother !


stephanie said...

that girl d o e s remind me of Alex girl now that you mention it! (she's gorgeous- alex girl, i mean, but they both are ;)

why a r e n ' t you getting the posts via bloglovin?!I have no idea why that would happen....

and Camille at fashion Wrap is totally the new Tallulah! that's exactly what i thought today when i saw her recent posts. She's got b i g blogger potential and im sure it wont be long before she's reaping the benefits lol!


hate trendy said...

love the american apparel tee!
yes,he is hot!!!!!!
thanks for the link!
u r on mine too.
keep in touch!

Call Me Cat said...

you are cute and I like your style :) Cat! x

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

what a great look on you. love the body con skirt with the oversized tee.. and your post about the girls eyes brows, i must say your eye brows are beautiful too xo

love always :)

neida said...

ahhh that outfits absolutely rocks!
black will always chick! love your blog!

check out mine please


Francheska said...

that skirt is amazing!
i need a boydcon!