candy floss

if my hair was naturally blond i'd dye it like this. i've grown out so many years of highlights to have virgin hair again that i'd feel like i was hurting it if i hit the bleach. 


Stardust and Sequins said...

reminds me of Sienna :-)


Stephanie said...

I love this title!!

I cant wait for your post about your trip! Did you find the miu miu you were hoping to score?!

400 bloglovin posts!!! oh man, the other day i had 90 and i was so fed up! bloglovin NEEDS to come up with a on/off/standby feature :)
I posted soo much while you were away, at least 15 posts or more...and every time i thought of you bloglovin' just stacking up! :s

I wanted to tell you that Katherine power of WWW asked twitter followers who their fave fashion bloggers were apart from the obvious ones and i listed you as one of them. Just wanted to share that with you :)

also, i'm having the SHITTIEST internet week- my internet connection is down at home and i was on the phone with Bell for 3 bloody hours today and still nothing. I dont know when it will get fxed and im abt ready to toss my laptop out the window! no internet connection is just one of those things in life that really gets under my skin....

anywaysssss hopefully it will be fixed soon!


Anonymous said...