best friends forever

            dixie click for her video            zion national park, utah                                         check out the site
two 4hr+ plane rides, hours and hours of driving, numerous dog walks, 2 national parks and one day in the neon jungle later and i'm home. i had way more fun then i expected, spent way less money then i'd imagined and visited some of the most beautiful country and animals i'd ever seen. the reason behind my trip to utah and vegas was to visit best friends animal sanctuary and volunteer with the animals. the sanctuary is in kanab, southwest utah which is right between bryce canyon and zion national parks. it's an amazing organization and if i could have brought a dog home to canada i would have as they have such lovely animals for adoption. i flew in and out of las vegas and i spent my last day there, relaxing by the mirage pool, it was so hot! i'll post some pictures of the trip once i figure out how to get 800 photos of my camera without crashing my computer, but until then i wanted to urge you all to support best friends or your local humane society in any way you can. i've included a picture and video of my sleepover dog dixie, what a sweetie and i have a donate button on my side bar, every little bit helps! above all i hope that if you're thinking about getting a new pet you consider adopting one from best friends or your local animal rescue, there are so many animals that need a home.

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stephanie said...

I visited Bryce Canyon and Zion National parks before and the beauty there is astounding.

will def. check out the animal society :)