high park life

headed out for an afternoon in high park. just west of the downtown core is probably the nicest park in toronto. it's huge and there's a lake, tons of trails, a dogpark, public garden plots, tons sports yards/pools and even a little zoo. i spent time with the boy enjoying the winter thaw, drinking coffee, practicing my balance beam, walking in the mud and trying to make friends with some swans.

sweater: aritzia
dress: rvca
leggings and scarf: urban
boots: hunter
coat: h&m
bag: mulberry
sunnies: quicksilver
coffee: starbucks grande, non-fat, wet cappuccino


stephanie said...

I l o v e these!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds like such a fun afternoon!!!!

love the oversized bag and the wool hunter socks!! even though i l o v e tea, i miss my wet cappuccino's/extra-foamy lattes so much,.... ;)


pangea said...

i'm a city boy i can't do the outdoors


Emma said...

Hunters!! Love. V cute!

Anonymous said...

I knew without looking at the credits that your coat was from h&m. I have the same one and I love it. I am afraid it's going to wear out and I won't be able to find one that is as perfect as it is.

Great pics btw.