birthday bella

shouted out to taylor yesterday, today my girl kristen turns 19. your legal in canada! happy birthday lovely.
shots from nylon and nylon mexico.


Yuka said...

ahh i love that christopher kane dress!

Megs and Tay said...

i love this kane dress, mmmm.... oooh happy birthday kristen!! Legal for what ? Im from england dunno the american rules.. ? x

stephanie said...

w o w!
love the first shot!


Megs and Tay said...

Oooh ok! thanks
Megs x

Anonymous said...

aw i love her. she's so cute.

Rylie said...

Wow it seems as if everyone has their birthday around this time.

&& I love her spread in Nylon :)

nuha nuha said...

i've been eyeing that christopher kaane gorilla dress since i first saw it. amaazing.

she's a natural beauty ;]

rackkandruin said...

i will ship anywhere in the worrrlddd. when you decide what to buy just let me know and i'll add a canadian option, it'll be the same shipping cost i'm sure. i'm so glad you like the new stuff!

Isabelle said...

lovely pics!

stephanie said...

omgod that prada fringed bag...i knowwwwwwwwww lol! it's
absolutely s t u n n i n g!


hope you had a good (long) weekend, lady ;)