i've got goosebumps

i wanted to let you all know that i've changed around my sidebar so it's now there's room for more links! if anyone wants to exchange, drop me a comment or email and i'll post you up. 


stephanie said...

I love your sidebar titles: fantastic!

I'm a size 8 :)
and this picture is g r e a t! she's gorgeous- cobrasnake?- i haven't been to that site in daysssssssss


stephanie said...

do you have the link for those shoes anyways? maybe the seller(s) would have more (in my size) in the future! thanks so much for seeing those and letting me know! I love them so much!!!

The Alexa cover is gorgeous and the editorial is even better!~! youll love it- if you havent already seen it- the pics on tfs were too grainy to post of the ed.
I need to get that Julia issue!!! I havent been to a presse in some time! I'm soooo busy lately! Non-stop!

omgod tell me about bloglovin! since i havent really had the time to check over breakfast during the week like i usually do, i'll come home after work and not kidding there's something like 89 posts to catch up on!! W T F?! haha! but i don't mind- it's just that i follow lookbook.nu because sometimes i see cool outfits via bloglovin that i just dont see on there, and that site seems to just J A M bloglovin'- im debating whether or not i should just cut it out of my list because often it just annoys me when i have so many posts to catch up and im "wasting" time with lookbook outfits- i just wanna get to the good stuff: the blogs! lol!

I don't actually follow Cobra- i just go to his site like once a day usually. But i dont know, i think i overdid it, Im taking a break.

Ruby is gorgeous! I got to know of her through you and Cat (knightcat).


Gold Dust Women said...

neeeeeeeed her shirt!

Anonymous said...

love it!

could we swap links?


i'm just starting up my link list

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg that tee brings back memories of my great childhood reading hehe

Anonymous said...

thankyou :)
i've already linked you

stephanie said...

I totally know heartbreak high!!!

I never even had a barbie car...but I wanted one lol!

The camaro totally stood out as well- it was a toss up for a title- but the pink car just seemed more fun! lol!


Goldie Locks said...

I love that shirt!! So fun!


DAY by Day said...

I'de love to exchange links with you! hehe
I really adore your blog :)



hate trendy said...

wanna exchange links