witchy woman

after much assuring from stephanie that it would stretch out and many trips to american apparel i finally bought a u-neck dress. the tightness of the piece always freaked me out because i've almost completely stopped wearing anything form fitting on my top half. i've worn it twice now and i loving it, especially layered with something looser over it. you were right, lady ;). argh, look at the huge hair i had before my haircut. just looking at this picture frustrates me, it's so much easier to deal with now. i wanted to say thank you to fashion jinx for featuring me on his site and saying such nice things about my smile, it's true that i'm probably the smiliest fashion blogger but i can't take myself seriously when i do the "blue steel" face, those pics always get deleted, lol.

dress: american apparel
boots, bangle and scarf: vintage
shirt: rvca
necklace: gift/diy


stephanie said...

o m g o d lady and look how
a m a z i n g you look!!!!!!
Gorgeous! so glad you took the plunge and bought this staple dress and that so far you're loving it!
You'll only grow fonder of it, the more you wear it, I promise!
It d e f i n i t e l y stretches out!

And I love to pair mine with an oversized button-down cardigan- then if you keep the cardi buttoned-up, it look really hot with the proportions.

And I love the boots you paired this with.

but you know what I A D O R E in this post?!
the location! I am o b s e s s e d
with book cases/shelves- I swear whenever I enter a room where there's one, they're the first thing I see and i love all the colour in yours!! reminds me of all my lonely planet travel books- i buy one for every place i've been and then a selection of all the places I intend to go. Anwyas- i'm jealous of your library- i hope to have one like it someday- maybe eventually in my TO apt :O!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

love that dress! i've been thinking of getting one. i want one of everything there. i buy like 5 items a week i'm addicted!

Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

Lovely outfit!