my future's so bright

great hats, killer sunnies, hot jeans.
Elle Italia October 2008
"Sweet Jeans"
Photo: Marcelo Krasilcic
Model: Paulina @Ford


diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg I need that first knit! So cute

Anonymous said...

This shoot is so inspirational. Its like a perfect summer wardrobe.
I have complete hair envy over the model Paulina as well!

stephanie said...

o mgod lady!!! this editorial is sooo cool!!! im dying!!!

where did you find it ?!

Are you back yet? was it fun?!

I was thinking of you!! :)

ok and such a d o w n e r but someone flagged my blog...:( and now it has a content advisory before entering :( im sooo bummed! and trying to get it removed, but as such things go and with no specific person to contact and only google forums, god only know how long that will be!


Maria said...

This editorial is beautiful!! I like every single look.. but the third is my fav... And I have the same belt.. If you visit my blog you can see it..
Have a nice day!