so fresh so clean

i love this girl. not only is she an amazing actress and so stunning but she's the sweetest person. i have had the pleasure of interacting with her on more then one occasion and she is so genuine, down to earth and lovely. she also has the most incredible skin, perfect peaches and cream. such a great photo shoot. outfit: shirt, elizabeth and james; bra top and shorts, zac posen; shoes, louboutin. 

shot for marie claire by mark abrahams (who also shot taylor below).  


ellevictoire said...

i totally agree! She is amazingly beautiful and so talented. Plus, she's not corrupted by Hollywood.

you've met her before? wow, i'm so jealous! where did you see her?

Kalin said...

She's so cute. And she seems totally approachable.

D E E said...

The chambray shirt is so cute!

stephanie said...

That's Rachel, right?!
this editorial is such a great one of her!

She seems like such a sweet person. So glad to here her demeanor via pictures lives up to her real-life persona.

aw- i r e a l l y loved her and Ryan together ;)


diamondsinchampagne said...

I love her too. She is stunning! I am quite inspired to go dark with my hair after seeing her pulling it off with her gorgeous porcelain skin.
Great photos, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

omg don't even get me started on skins, i loved it, i am dying without my weekly dose of it and ive heard that was the last series :(

yeah effys look is amazing, i loved her shredded jumper, i think it was from topshop but cant find it anywhere!! freddie was also uber cool, i want to be on skins ahah!!

by this pic is ace! love her :)


Lainey said...

Rachel McAdams is my hero.

Lluviaschick said...

love her pics! she looks younger now than when she did the notebook

Annie said...

oooh, what lovely photos. she is so beautiful!