flannel love

this skirt was a belated altering project. like a lot of things i get thrifting it needed some tweaking before i could wear it. originally, it hit well below the knee and i had plans to crop it and use it as a cozy winter skirt. of course the months passed and i only got around to hemming it in the last few weeks. it's better late then never though, as i think it turned out great. i'm trying to squeeze in some posts between work and a very entertaining baseball win this afternoon. my jays beat detriot to take the series, nothing better then a day at the stadium.
boots: thrifted, ralph lauren
top: uo
skirt: vintage thrifted, diy
belt: vintage
tank: american apparel
necklace: diy

1 comment:

stephanie said...

i l o v v v v v e this!!

that skirt M A K E S the outfit!!