tell me about it, stud.

i'm in love with this. i've always wanted a miu miu wallet but this is bordering on psychotic obsession. i will definitely be on the look out for this one in vegas. thanks gold dust woman for showing me the light. i can't get enough and it's navy too. these bags would be perfect homes for this stud.
navy stud wallet, $415. navy studded tote $1295. navy stamped clutch, $420.


Song of Style said...

i personally like the un studded miu mius... i would love to own any miu miu tho haha

Lainey said...

All gorgeous! I love Miu Miu's stuff so much!

stephanie said...

a d o r e that miu miu bag!!!!! have been wanting a bag that style since seeing the fabulous Carolina's one- she suits that style so much and totally sells.

ALSO- GET THAT WALLET if you find it!!
I have the same one in purple-ish/brown with a hot pink interior- i l o v e it so much! So supple!
If you don't find it, check ebay- its' where i got mine, remember!!


D E E said...

Wow! I love that wallet.
I have one at the moment very similar but it isn't studded and it isn't Miu Miu.
I might have to start saving!

amalie said...

i <3 miu miu !

Anonymous said...

i've been loving loving loving that bag for a while now!! (the tote)