wash and go

although, i'm not loyal to one particular denim brand i usually go to the premium lines or classic levis. h&m's jeans tend to not fit in the way i like or are too low in the back pockets, but when i saw these i had to give them a go. i love the acid wash so much and the fit was surprisingly great. one of my favourite pairs for summer.

cardi: vintage
tee: alternative apparel
jeans: h&m
boots: vintage
bow: kensington market


Anonymous said...

yeah they're amazing!
i love h&m

thanks for the comment too :)


Stephanie said...

I NEVER find a pair of h&m (or Zara) jeans for the EXACT same reason: esp. the low-rise bit!

These are amazing!!
I need to step foot in there and check these out!

I just woke up and it's snowing here since yesterday, like To-i know-, i dont know what im gonna wear! I just hate the snow as it's such a footwear obstacle and there isn't enough for winter boots, its just enough to be a pain in the ass.

cant wait for your Topshop surprise!!! + Paige's tales within lol!


Modem├Ądchen said...

i really like this outfit!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your boots :]


ellevictoire said...

what a cute outfit! and i love the little detail on the cardigan :)

Anonymous said...

the cardigan is so cute , see you .