vblog-what's is the closet? coats edition

i wanted to do a video blog for you as it's been so long since my last (and only) one. i delved into my closet to show some of my favourite pieces. due to the overwhelming size of my current clothing collection i've started with coats. even so, it runs a bit long so the video is in two parts. i hope you like it and i apologize for the graininess/general amateur shooting style. i mention true north thrift in my post, i hope to have my store up and running within the next month. let me know if you want more what's in my closet v.blogs of if you'd like to see v.blogs on any other topics.


stephanie said...

this is such a
GREAT Post/vlog post!!!!!

I cant wait to finish it!I have to step out to dinner now but i'm gonna come back after and finish it ;)


Stephanie said...

one quick thing before i go....your leather jacket collection
is t o. d i e. f o r !!!!!!


Stephanie said...

lady!!! ok I just finished the video and you are representing Canada so well with your coat collection!!!

I am i n l o v e with the coat you said you got a negative comment abt in part one and the red military one in part two!

but most of a l l is the SILK FLORAL piece!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's perfect MK- black body con (u-neck AA dress ;))lol! I love it soooooooooooo much!!! it looks great on you!

I also l o v e your voice :)

I cant wait to shop together in TO!

and i loved your captions!!
amazing videos! I'd definitely love to see more vlogs on Truenorthstyle- you do them soo well.

I tried to do a "whats in my bag" one a little while back- inspired by yours- but unfortunately it was a total bust, but maybe i'd try doing it again sometime....I also think about showing my closet somehow but it just seems unfeasible as its soooooo jam packed!! Maybe, though...i dont know...anyways I dont even have a video camera, so i guess its not really an option at this time lol!

ok what a rant haha- loved this post! can you tell after my THREE comments!! shit- i totally jam up your comment box!!!


Lainey said...

Great vids. And what a great idea. I have so much stuff that I want to showcase, but don't necessarily get a chance to photograph on. This is awesome.

isabelle said...

love your jeansjacket!

Stephanie said...

your last comment made me l a u g h!!
oh man! I n e e d to be in TO with you and Jenny!!!! and I need to see those karaoke back-up dancer moves!! ahaha! you know i've never kararoke-d?!!! i know WTF?! and a work friend was going last week and i was thinking what a blast it would be to karaoke with her- she's hilarious!

ok- so jealous that your friend saw Natasha doing her Dior best in Central park!!! how cool?!!!
that anecdote might make up for the fact that she may/may not have set foot i topshop!

just as i was reading that comment i was thinking, we NEED to go to NYC/topshop together!! and then you wrote that in the other comment hahah- i need a mini-break, havent been away in soooo long!!


gennie said...

the jewelry exhibit you mentioned on my blog sounds really cool! I went to a gothic fashion exhibit a few months ago where they had a lot of insane skull jewelry and I wanted to snatch my hands in the case and take everything home haha.

candice said...

gorgeous blog!! would u like to link??



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