don't speak

abbey is such a special model. so unique looking, with tons of vulnerability but the tattoos, piercings and attitude give her a lot of edge too. 

i love her outfit, especially the harness boots, they're a maz ing. knee length blue dresses with patterns like this always remind me of gwen stefani in the don't speak video. it's so cool how images can just stick with you, that was such a huge song/video for me growing up.
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Stephanie said...

i love abbey!!

she looks amazing in this royal blue polka dot number and i love the combo with those camel leather boots.

Don't Speak and No Doubt were HUGE for us in High school too!! It's def. a band that sticks out in my mind for that time in my life. Walking into spiderwebs....lol! Also loved Gavin's band then too...remember them? i forget what they were called right now though...



C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

She looks so pretty in that dress! What a beautiful look!


Emz said...

She looks gorgeous! She pulls off polka dots so incredibly well!

Gold Dust Women said...

I'm a huge abbey fan but i haven't seen these before. Thanks for all of your support too! I'm adding your link to our blog list :)