blue jeans and black leather

so stunning. noot's probably in italy right now shooting new moon. i can't wait to see her on the big screen. 
src prodn


stephanie said...

great look. love the shorts. and her ;)


rackkandruin said...

fantastic look from noot. . . as always.
about the sewing: at this point i do it all by hand. The leather on this jacket was pretty thin so i just used a regular needle. i bent a couple needles pretty badly in the process (you'll wanna make use of a thimble if you have one so you don't hurt your fingers when pushing the needle in). I pinned the leather in place before cutting/sewing to make sure it was even on both sides. It also helps to re-use holes that are alredy there from previous threads if you are turning it into a vest (esp on thicker leather) that's what i did for my tassel vest cause it was really thick.

i was wondering how you get "Labels" to show up at the bottom of your posts? I can't find the option for that in my posting preferences. xx molly