rainbow sprinkles

this sweater always reminds me of cake. which makes me happy.
top: zara
leggings: aritzia
sweater and boots: vintage
necklace: diy


LPNY by Monika Pierzynowska said...

nice casual style:)! i would love to have your boots;)!!!

xoxo Monika


Carolina Botelho said...

I LOVE your sweater!!!

Anonymous said...

um... tell me more about his necklace! i LOVE it! can you diy one for lil' ol' me?!?!!

This chick's got style said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
That top is gorgeous, I have it in white and I can't take it off anymore :P
Very pretty pictures!


Carolina Botelho said...

Hi cindy! thats so cool to hear! You should learn portuguese with your parents! I'm from Madeira island! I live in the midle of the atlantic! :D xx

Stephanie said...

lady! that sweater is amazing....im freaking out!! it looks so great on you and soooo comfy!!!!! this outfit is perfect- seriously- not only does it look so amazing on you, but i would also totally wear it.

this picture series is also great- you look so beautiful & super happy!!! love it!!!

and btw- it;s not your computer: bloglovin' is acting up for me too- turning up posts that are from a g e s ago!!!
I did a post with the current elliots and there's a link for you to see them :)


isabelle said...

love the colour on the top! Looks great on you! :)


Anonymous said...

i'm in love with the charm! and i have so many long chains that i could use with it. i would LOVE to see what else is at that store too.

want to do a swap?!? i can head to downtown san antonio (riverwalk/alamo) and pick up some verrrrrrrrrry cool bracelets for you! it will be fun, let me know what you think!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

you look SO GORGEOUS and happy and fresh and gorgeous here! eep, cant stop gushing! love the sweater too, looks so cosy


Unknown said...

Haha that jacket is so cute -it does look like it has sprinkles in it!

Michaela said...

Oh my God, that was cute :'D ( I'm still blushing )

Your outfit looks fab in these pics! Love the sweater, it suits you perfectly! :'D It looks like a cake indeed <3

And what the heck, did you do the necklace yourself?! Gosh I'm jealous. It's really pretty :)

(& last but not least; in the first pic it looks like you have a tattoo on your wrist. Do you have one? :D)

hugs n' sunny kisses!


Is that all really true about Rachel Bilson? Are you kidding me? Poor thing :(

cat! x

Slanelle said...

your cardi looks great!

mutima said...

great look. i love your slouch cardie,and your tee:)