short update

i know i'v been posting rather sporadically lately but i've been rather uninspired. i do have about 4 outfit posts waiting to upload and my utah pics too so there will be some more action at t.n.s. soon. 
had these short looks collecting on the desktop. three very different pairs but they all look a ma z in g. carman kills me, she's so stunning and i love how they've styled a pair of dressier/stuffier shorts with a sexy sheer tee. it makes the look younger and edgier. the plaid look is very brit to me. put together and cool. the cut offs have the perfect amount of tear. not easy to achieve, i know from experience. plus who doesn't love a cali blond?
wanted to update all those who answered my to buy or not to buy? call. i didn't end up buying the bag. i decided i'm going to stick to less expensive/vintage bags unless the bag is chanel, balenciaga, miu miu or mulberry. i'd rather save up for a bag i really want then blow 550$ on a bag that i like on a whim. it is really nice though.... plus i need to get a new mac soon as my "e" key doesn't always decide to work when i need it too.
also to all my new readers/commenters, i'm so glad you've come by. i'm trying to add as many of you as possible to the blogroll but post me if i miss you or if you want to exchange links. my bloglovin' list is getting seriously long. much love to sarah at macaroni club for shouting out to me on her blog too, your too sweet. i guess this update wasn't very short after all.
src. stylesightings and allure magazine


Maddy said...

gorgeous pics! I'm just starting out with my blog but would love you to check it out. maybe swap links?



stephanie said...

I love the first and esp. the third cut-offs.

man, tell me about being uninspired....i totally feel you. doesn't help that im working 55 hour weeks at the moment...im e x h a u s t e d!

Also- i was b l o w n a w a y by the designers products as well! when i looked at my bathroom cabinet last night after seeing the shoot, i was like wow my stuff looks so bland- designers (ie: YSL products) really know how to take it up a notch lol!

Glad to see she uses Kiehls...i think it's a mid-price point brand and i use it too ;)


Anonymous said...

still obsessed with denim cutoffs. but im absolutelyy in lovee with the floral vera wang shorts!

Héléna D. said...

Tout a fait ce que j'ai envie cet été :)

LA said...

crazy i know that girl in the cutoffs, how funny! but your blog is so cute!

Anonymous said...