utah part 1.

not exactly fashion related but for those interested in my trip to utah here's part one of my recap.
after flying almost 5 hours to las vegas my mom and i hit the i.81 for our 4 hour drive to best friends animal sanctuary, just outside kanab, utah. we drove through desert and canyons listening to xm satellite radio and taking in the scenery. we traveled through nevada, arizona and utah before stopping in st. george for starbucks and groceries. when we hit zion national park it of course started pouring rain. it was kind of scary going through the tunnels and switchbacks through the mountains but soon enough we got to best friends. best friends is in beautiful angel canyon on 33,000 acres. we had to take some pics as soon as we arrived, it was so lovely. the next day after our tour we headed to dogtown to volunteer. that's where we met dixie, our sleepover dog. such a sweetie, we took her out for a long hike and then back to our cabin for some r and r. the next day we spent more time in dogtown walking and feeding the animals before i headed to the horse area to help groom the horses and clean the pastures. it was an absolutely beautiful place, and amazing organization and an unforgettable experience. it was pretty cold at the beginning of the trip so i spent most of the first three days layered up in multiple leggings and hoodie combos. thank god i brought my gloves and toque. i also broke in my new shearling hiking boots and thoroughly destroyed my white chucks in the red canyon dirt.


Michaela said...

Such a cutie! :'D :'D
Sounds like you guys had an amazing time... And yes, the surroundings looks absolutely breathtaking :D Wish I could go there some day...

Hugs n' kisses!

Haley said...

Awww! What fun! That dog is adorable, and that is such a cool idea. I wish they had something like that where I live.

stephanie said...

gorgeous scenery just like i remember it :)

and you look beautiful, as always, lady ;)



Héléna D. said...

Ton chien est troooop mignon ! :P Ca donne trop envie de voyager ... Ca me tenterait bien du surfcouching tiens ^^ Si tu veux tu viens chez moi en bretagne et moi j'viens visiter tes merveilleux paysages ;D bisoux