sparkle serena

she gets so much shit for what she wears sometimes
but blake looks amazing here
great way to wear sequins in an effortless way
love the hair too
src. popsugar


stephanie said...

omgod she looks AMAZING here!!!!!
I'm not gonna lie- not really her biggest fan- i saw outtakes on the GG season one cd and found her SO ANNOYING!!! before that i loved her, since then...not so much.

AHHHHHH just signed into the virtual waiting room...im buying something like 8 tickets for my brother and i and his friends....his bday is the 7th so im gonna get them for him too! And were aiming for nothing less than floor seats. fingers crossed!!!!


Anonymous said...

if you were going to wear sequins, this is def the way to do it. especially lovely with the nude shoes!

dv said...

thanks for the comment. will deff. be checking it out!

diamondsinchampagne said...

I think she looks gorgeous here. Sometimes I think she just wears outfits to show off all her figure, but this outfit is perfect and classy

Lainey said...

She does get a lot of flack...but I do admire her for her risks, this being one of them. However, this one is a gorgeous risk. I would totally rock a pair of sequined leggings like these.

the maisies said...

she pulls of sequiny gold leggings like no other.

feather hunter said...

this is sooooooooooooooo great! i love the sequins! the best!

Gold Dust Women said...

ohhhh i love the bottom half of this outfit!! and a GG cast member= love! aybe i should do some chuck posts? hahahaha... not really... i just adore him. im a sucker for bad apples.

anywo, i'm glad you re-found us!
you're blog is looking better and better as i scroll through!

thanks for the loving!
keep it comin <3