zion national park

the second part of my utah trip started after i finished volunteering at best friends and began exploring the nearby national parks. there are so many natural wonders in the southern utah area but we only had time to see zion and bryce canyon. these are my shots from zion. when we headed out to it from kanab we passed through coral sand dunes national park which was dusted with a layer of snow. luckily it was much warmer in the park itself and ended up being a beautiful day. the scenery was amazing and my mom and i did the emerald pools hike and the riverside walk. breathtaking. after a day in the park we had dinner in springdale and stopped by best friends on the way home for some pictures. that's where we discovered that all the horse pastures get taken over by bull deer herds when everyone leaves the sanctuary for the day. so cool. zion is a great park, really user friendly and absolutely stunning. i would definitely visit again. i'm wearing: alternative apparel hoodie and baseball burnout raglan, zara wolf tee, ebayed shearling hiking boots and lululemon leggings


setyourselfonfire said...

wow looks like fun! i want your boots!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

thanks for your sweet comment bub! the pics look awesome, sounds like you had a lot of fun!


Michaela said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly hope you'll get a new dog <3

Btw, the pics looks wonderful. Wish I could go there someday, the nature really looks different from anything I've ever seen :)
(+ your shoes looks so cute!)

hugs n' kisses!

stephanie said...

love these! so laid-back cool and i adore those boots!!!


photos de Mode said...

Ohh. Looks like a wonderful trip:) beautiful pics!.

Anonymous said...

that part of the country is SO beautiful. i went to college in northern arizona by the grand canyon. i miss it every day!

Jenn said...

whoooo im visiting arizona in the summer, hopefully it's as beautiful as it is in utah!!

ps: remember those studs you used for your chucks & cardigans? they have them at dollarama now ;)

Michaela said...

Yeah, it truly is! Twin Peaks is one of those shows I watch with all lamps turned off and hide under my pillow when it gets too scary :'D
It's a brilliant show! A true masterpiece (even though I hated the movie) :)

hugs n' kisses!

Michaela said...

She is looking fab indeed. Love the ads she did for them, (as you said) her style was on top and she looked happy and like she was having the time of her life on all of them. I really love the ones with the 'Brit-theme' (check them out on some Mischa fan-site gallery). The other models looks wonderful in their haircuts and clothes, and the ideas behind the shoots are great :'D

Emz said...

Wow that place looks absolutely gorgeous!

CAMILLE said...

ooh wow that is a amazing location, love to visit places like that..great location to do a fashion shoot ;)

camille x

Babrielle Bomonique said...

Holy potatoes this makes me excited about coming to america,
i love the good representation of australians you have on here! Isabel lucas is suddenly popping up everywhere
awsome blog

trigg and trig. said...

looks like fun!