what a lass, carman kass

this girl belongs in a bikini....
the first picture is one of the first tears in my very first fashion scrapbook. it's such an iconic image for me and how i always picture miss kass.
src. 1st/2nd image google, 3rd image allure magazine may09


♥ fashion chalet said...

I love Carmen Cass too! Great post. You're a friend of Stephanie's right? (Le chic?) So glad we crossed paths. :)


CAMILLE said...

yes she does belong in a bikini :) great post!

camille x

NICOLE said...

she is definitely one of my favorite models... right along with anja rubik

Karnikova said...

i looove her... she is my fave model :) and i happen to like your blog too ;)


thischicksgotstyle said...

The last one is great!!


Gold Dust Women said...

i strictly have a thing for dudes,
but these photos bring only two words to my mind.. "do me" hahahahahaha

....annnnnnnnnnnnd this is why she is a top model lol