g.i. jac

Issue: May 2008
Photographed by: Chuando & Frey
Styling by: Anne Sophie Thomas
"GI Jane"
src: bellazon.com


michaela said...

Gorgeous tattoos! I especially loved the bird!
I'm thinking about taking a tattoo on the same spot (the wrist), but I've always been a bit afraid that it will hurt? So my question for you is - big surprise - did it hurt ? :)

stephanie said...

holy shit, lady! you're not gonna believe what happened today! The beauty editor at LOULOU quit and the promoted me!!! WTH?!! lol! I have been the assistant beauty editor for 4 mere weeks and now: baptism by fire: how to be an editor in 6 weeks or less (6 weeks is when the ACTUAL associate beauty editor returns from afica) and then she is slated to take the editor position and i, her assistant. but oh man! i CANNOT believe this! lol!

anyways....sadly for my absolute love of Toronto...it seems my time to move there is not now...im gonna ride this LOULOU wave and then see where it takes me...hopefully to TO eventually ;)


Maria said...

Want the sea! And a swimsuit like the first one!

rackkandruin said...

what a fantastic ed! i would kill for her buckled combats. . . she's rocking some pretty amazing harem pants too. argh, now i wanna swim in the ocean!

Monika said...

definitely models make art! Those poses and the look in their eyes ... Unbelievable!!:)

new note on my blog:)


rachel kara said...

what an amazing ed. thanks for posting :)