utah part 3. bryce canyon

the last national park i visited on my utah trip was bryce canyon, about an hour north of kanab. it was another beautiful drive and you knew you were getting closer when you started seeing hoodoos. hoodoos are tall columns of rock that were eroded down by the wind. it's the big draw at bryce, where there's a canyon full of them, as you can see in the photos. it was much colder in bryce so we didn't do the walk through the hoodoos instead i took a horse trip into the southern end of the canyon and my mom did a similar trail but by foot. the final two shots are ones she took from inside the canyon. the scenery was out of the world and the two hour ride was amazing. i have some pictures of me on my mule shamrock and some pictures from our last two days in las vegas but they're on my mom's camera so i'll post them at a later date.

i definitely want to return to utah and best friends animal sanctuary, it was an amazing experience. next time though i'd like to go in may or september so i can visit the grand canyon north rim too.


Gold Dust Women said...

These photos are beautiful!

stephanie said...

gorgeous pictures...the scenery is soo breathtaking there..and the earth so red. I love your white high top chucks. <3 them.


Cindy said...

:( those chucks did not make it back from the red earth. tossed them in utah. they were on their last legs that's why i brought them out there. but i got a grey and my black studded replacement pairs.

Stefani said...

ooh soo beautiful!

malin said...