she gave good f a c e

beauty shots
i love a girl with freckles.


stephanie said...

I love a girl with freckles too! and erin looks amazing with her nose ring :)

your bullet comment was A M A Z I N G G G G!! I was TOTALLY that girl at your Uni w/ the longchamp schoolbag. i have 4 total + a travel duffel my mom got me for christmas last year that is amazing!My favourite is the Shopping "L" in Navy. You DEFINITELY need to get one of these, i suggest the one i have in the collage- seriously, it is so practical and has spared me ruining many leather bags i adore on rainy days. with all the recent rain, i have been getting so much use out of it, which makes me kinda sad seeing that it's also the only bag i wear in the winter, as it goes best with my knee length parka. winter fashion is brutal- such a buzz kill!

and your comment about the Holts shopping bags made me l a u g h outloud!!! i wish that was me too!! hahah! i wish that was US on some sort of a Canadian blogger shopping spree lol!


Johanna said...

I looove freckles!

noirohio vintage said...

i'm totally agreeing! I LOVE freckles on anyone

LAYNE said...

snaps to freckles :)

Feather Hunter said...