sparkle and shine

phillip lim
i want to put on that sparkly tux dress and dance until the break of dawn.
so fluid, so lux.
so good.
src. nymag


Cindy Van Dyck said...


JOWY said...

Glitter and glamour, Sparkle and Shine..LOVE IT!

One Love,

bryna said...

totally love that first outfit.

stephanie said...

omgd tell me about it! The looks you chose are prob, my faves too. I fell i n l o v e with that double breasted blazer: totally fabulous!


Anonymous said...

OMG same, I have to have that sparkly tux dress.

stephanie said...

lol :) you're not out of the loop at all :) the scarf is from last summer: it's the black and white skull one.
as for the dress its the long sleeve t-shirt dress one which btw is soooo easy to wear and so comfy. also just the perfect amount of sheer :)

Im sort of taking a break from outfit posts....i feel like im one of those people who's outfits don't translate well into photos: i think they're probably better in person, you know what i mean :)