what a pair.

i know you all must read jakandjil but this picture was to perfect to not repost.
i have such a soft spot for velvet shoes, as impractical as the are.
the colour of these are so lush and mixed with the torn jeans, wow.
i love it.
***so excited to see kings of leon tonight.


Stephanie said...

omgod I actually never go on Tommy toms site any more so this is the first time I see these and right off the bat, I was like are those v e l v e t?!!! loveeeee them so much as well and totally agree abt the distressed jeans being the perfect touch.

have do much funnnnnn tonight- can't wait to hear what you think! xx

LAYNE said...

ahhhh These shoes definitely deserved a re-post.

How were Kings of Leon?!


Anonymous said...

KOL review! KOL review! KOL review! Am super jealous, how were the followill clan?? was lily hangin about anywhere? those boys are INSANELY good looking, esp. nathan... *sigh*