piece by piece

here's a little outfit building breakdown from this morning. first, i wanted to get as much boot wearing in as possible before it's 40 degrees out so started out with skinny jeans. then of course the aforementioned boots and on top is the now iconic aa deep v tee in grey jersey. then here's where i had to try some things. i really wanted to wear my new quebecer, aka fringy scarf, but it was really cold today and i thought i needed a sweater. problem was my stripy sweater didn't go with the scarf. but, with the addition of my favourite coat of the moment it all works; scarf over coat over sweater over tee. i finished it off with some bone and shell jewelry and i went out to spend the day with my sister. she was getting a tattoo at tcb to cover up one she had done in mexico and you'll have to see if i was impulsive and got one too. oh, don't mind the rice crispies bowl, my boyfriend really likes baseball.

coat: vintage, badlands
sweater: thrifted, vintage benneton
tee: american apparel
jeans: j brand
boots: vintage, from eleven in new york
scarf: h&m
earrings and bracelet: thrifted

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Anonymous said...

I love your boots! So cute! your such a pretty girl! I defiantly will be visiting your blog again for some more inspiration! :-)