kristy swanson

it's gotten really cold here again and all i've been wanting to wear the last few days are sweatshirts and cozy stuff, so today's outfit is a simple one. i've pulled my shelltoes out of the back of my closet and decided to base today's look around them and do a graphic outfit. i borrowed this tee from my fellow, in fact i actually got it for him and he hasn't worn it yet so i have a feeling it might become mine. i love the girl in the headdress on it, it's very lord of the flies. i also paid homage to kristy swanson and her originating role as buffy the vampire slayer by wearing a knotted bandana as a necklace. if you watch the film, which is one of my favourites, you'll see she wears them a lot. i received my gladiators today that i won off ebay. they are a tad big but i knew that would probably be the case. still, i like them a lot and i think one pair of brown or tan strappy flats will round out my gladiator needs for this summer.

top: delphic

top: delphic
jeans: walmart
shoes: adidas 
banada: vintage

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