baseball and paint cans

on wednesday kevin and i decided to do some decorating and paint our kitchen. we've lived in our place for almost three years now but we haven't really finished making it our own. we've always thought this place was only temporary so we haven't put too much into the decor. now we've come to realize that the only way we're leaving this place is if a) we leave toronto, b) we break up or c) we buy a place. thus, we've decided to do some renovations and make our apartment a little nicer. that means paint, building some benches so we can actually eat at our kitchen table instead of on the couch, de-cluttering, getting some real furniture instead of just ikea stuff and putting up some photos. we started out by painting the kitchen yellow and kevin planted some plants in our window box. hopefully they thrive and in a few weeks we'll have peppers and tomatoes from our garden. after working around the house all day we headed to our first baseball game. kevin and i have a team in a beer league with our friends. we're called the barracudas and we won our first game 22-5. i even hit a single, yeah! hopefully i get better as the games go on because i'd like to be less afraid of catching the ball and hit farther. almost all the guys hit homeruns so it looks like we may have another winning season. my outfit on wednesday consisted of my new checked top that i love, it's so sweet and some cute red flats. i also wore a boxing day sales bargain, my marc by marc sweater coat. i love how it's military inspired and that it is almost an outfit in itself when done up. it could even be worn as a dress. plus, it's navy and i'm a little obsessed with nautical and navy blue right now. the outfit was inspired by the last blair waldorf outfit from this post. 

coat: marc by marc jacobs
top: h&m
jeans: earnest sewn
flats: h&m

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