this is what a days work looks like

so as i wrote yesterday i did some shopping on tuesday and i was really happy with what was in the stores this week. sometimes when i hit the shops nothing suits me or everything i love is way out of my price range. there are days when i go to h&m and try on 7 or 8 things but buy nothing. on tuesday i found 6 great things all at reasonable prices. i got two more bird printed tees because i love the neckline and the graphic. i already have this top in white but it's always good to have a backup in a white tee as they always get dingy fast. i got the black for variety. i found a great studded tank with a scooped low back, an adorable tiered ruffle checked dress, a silk slouchy navy tank and a checked tank with bow in the front and buttons down the back. my first purchase on tuesday was these fantastic studded gladiators. they a pretty much exact copies of an etro pair and they've been feature on whowhatwerardaily.com. i intended to buy these the other day but changed my mind at the last minute. then when i went back to buy them they were sold out and i was so disappointed. luckily when i went in on tuesday they were in stock again. etro also did a great wooded platform with studded straps too that i would love to have. i found two cute floral headbands at forever 21 along with some great fabric elastics. at urban outfitters i had my future cottage vacation in mind and got some cozy mens tops. the striped winterlite was on sale and to love the teal and grey colour combo. the hoodie is super soft jersey with three quarter length sleeves. i found a great tribal print scarf in charcoal and neon and two new nail polishes. one is grey and the other light blue, a homage to the ubiquitous 1990's hard candy shade. that's it for purchases but next post will feature my painting exploits, baseball adventures, an amazing ebay purchase and a cute outfit. 

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