cozy friday

sometimes all you want to wear is cozy, comfy clothes. in fact it happens a little more then just sometimes in my life. sure it's great to have fun with fashion, wear heels or blazers, squeeze into the skinny jeans but i certainly have no problems embracing my low maintenance side. this look epitomizes that. i paired a vintage jersey tee that i cut at the neck with leggings and flat boots. the vest took the outfit from an around the house, casual errand look to work appropriate by giving it a bit more polish, .....sort of, lol. the sun in these shots makes it feel like spring has sprung but we're still freezing in the negative temps here, when will it end!!! i wanted to give a little shout to patty griffin. i am absolutely obsessed with her song, rain at the moment. it's not a new track but for some reason i can stop hitting repeat on it. check it out. ** an update... i tried to fix the rain player so it would play the whole song but it doesn't seem to be working. i urge you to click the link so you can hear it all b/c it's such an amazing song and the verses are incredible. secondly, i wanted to say thanks for all the input on my haircut. i'm going to grow it out for a while and see how it goes, thus the win goes to kristen stewart. happy weekend!

vest: urban outfitters
top: vintage
leggings: lululemon
boots: vintage, guess
necklace: diy


Stephanie said...

this just reminded me! I wanted to tell you that I cannot stop listening to that Eric Hutchinson tune you posted a couple days ago! <3 it!

Loving the vest and the complete idea that fashion can be comfortable ;)


stephanie said...

I guess I'm not the only one who wasn't sure about the jacket lol! I guess only a few people can pull it off!

I totally agree with what you were saying about Perez. I never check his site any longer because I kind of gave up the whole tabloid thing, it's so void, but I can completely see how he can make an artist go from zero to hero. Blogs definitely have a lot of leverage. It's kind of cool, to think we're a part of that, no? :)


ash said...

i love your vest, it's so cool.

your blog is realllllly tite!
wanna exchange links?

morena said...

Great look!

clairegrenade said...

LOVE your boots

great light/dark color combo!

love the blog,dahhling!

Anonymous said...

nice color palette!

stephanie said...

True North Thrift sounds amazing!!!!
Can't wait to see the blazer- that bow and the shine sounds fantastic!

I sooo know that feeling of calling in sick but then feeling well enough to do a few things, like thrifting, but not feeling "right" about it. Sometimes I just do it anyway, and just steer away from anywhere anyone work-related would potentially see me!



She's Dressing Up said...

Ooh love the vest, and the whole feel of this outfit =]

CRISTA said...

perfectly casual!!

modern antoinette said...

I love the vest and the fact that this outfit is so confortable.

Great blog.

Anonymous said...

oooh your outfit looks so divinely comfortable. love it!


Song of Style said...

i love this look. the vest, the top, leggins ...

GDW said...

GREAT outfit out of GREAT basics...nice to finally see someone that doesn't feel the need to overload/ try too hard.

thanks for the nice words about my blog...hope you'll stop by some more and follow me on bloglovin!