roses are red, violets are blue

happy saint patty's to everyone. sorry about the lack of posts these past few days, i've been sick with the flu and getting lots of rest. i still have a nasty cough but i feel much better, so i think i may be able to enjoy the amazing sunny weather and festivities today. that said here's an outfit post. these are some of my favourite thrifting finds from the last little while. i got this dress months ago but 90's florals are always aces in my books, i'm even wearing one right now. this cardi is a dream. i adore the rich colour and it is so cozy. it has even more pop with the gold buttons, amazing find. lastly the boots, i'm not sure if i already mentioned these, they're ralph lauren riding/biker boots and practically brand new. great boots for muddy springs and stomping puddles. it's amazing what you can find in the men's section. a while back i wrote a guide to thrifting. it was back when i had less readers so i'm going to post a link to it in case any of you want some tips to help with finding the good stuff, click here. lastly, i got the sweetest email from amanda de cadenet about my post on her work. she confirmed that this amazing picture is indeed of her two daughters. if you're reading this amanda, thanks for the kind words and i can't wait to see new photographs from you.

dress, sweater: vintage thrifted
tights: h&m
belt: urban outfitters
boots: thrifted, ralph lauren
necklace: diy


Stephanie said...

GREAT post !!!

this floral frock is amazing!!! i can't wait to wear mine/find an even better one! I agree, they're always aces in a wardrobe!

I can't believe Amanda contacted you- soo cool!! That picture she took is amazing :)

And I just read your thrifting guide- well done!! I love the last line ;) it's priceless!


Anonymous said...

we were on the texas coast. not the most glam coast, but better than no coast!

do you live up north? i used to live in upstate new york on the border of canada. way, way too cold. had to leave! came to texas, the warmest place i know!

Alice X said...

i love floral dresses:)