perfect pair

had to post the new addition to the side bar in a larger format, it's my favourite twosome alexa and kate. i wonder what they were talking about? don't they both have amazing hair?

props to rack and ruin for bringing this moment to my attention.
here's a preview of my next outfit post too. it warmed up a enough last week to wear this sweater coat. i love the pop of blue it just happiness. unfortunately, these temps didn't last but at least i had a little taste of spring. stay tuned for what's underneath this knit cocoon.
sweater: aritzia
scarf: madewell
bag: mulberry
boots: vintage guess
leggings: lululemon


The beautiful and glammed said...
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The beautiful and glammed said...

love to see them together, great post thank-you! x

tanya said...

i love that pop of blue with the scarf--very pretty!

i.d. said...

They're both superb. Love your scarf! x

Stephanie said...

Love the scarf! I love cobalt blue on brunettes!!

And it's so true when I saw that pic, I was so focused on Kate, I didn't even realize it was Alexa she's chattin' with!! Your two lady loves ;)


CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love the pic of them. Your look is cute.

Stay chic,

TML <3 said...

your hair is amazing :-) i want brown long hair too!