i wanna hold your hand

my reasons for posting this picture:
  • it's chuck and vanessa (i know it's really ed westwick and jessica szohr but humor me)
  • they both look amazing, great basics, great hair, great accessories and i love the pop of colour.
  • gossip girl was back this week and the fashion was really stellar as was the last 5mins of the show, scandalous
  • i love chuck bass
  • i'm also one of the few people who actually loves vanessa
  • they're so cute together and they're holding hands ♥ * squeals with glee inside***
  • i had to post this so paige could see it, we text each other after we watch each episode and dish on all the good bits, omfg paige! check them out.
*i promise to go back to being a grown adult in my next post and discuss only serious issues plaguing the fashion industry.

photo credit: justjared.com via crista at extra spicy.


Stephanie said...

this picture is great!! but you know what?! I had to do a double take- upon first glance you'll never guess who I thought it was: Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron!!!!! Vanessa looks a lot like V.hudgens in this shot, don't you think?! Anyways I adore this sweater- I wonder if it's the aa raglan?....

Your comment was awesome! my leather jacket is zara. it's affordable leather, right. but you raise some very valid questions. got me thinking.


stephanie said...

I really like the Zara leather jacket. It's pretty soft. It definitely does the trick until I find the perfect thrifted one. I'm acutally wearing it in my next outfit post which i'll be putting up...prob Monday.

that's awful about that woman buying out all the sandals! She was likely re-selling them? I'm surprised Zara doesn't some sort of policy against buying every single item of one style.

Cari said...

I haven't seen this pic before even though I stalk perez like it's my job. Thanks for posting! http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

vogued out!!! said...

I actually love Vanessa too, esp her street style. I didn't realize they're together, i'd just heard rumors.

Goldie Locks said...

OMG Jessica Szohr is amazing!! Love her carefree style...i had heard that they were dating but i wasnt sure...this picture makes me smile inside :D

TML <3 said...

oooh, i love him too! However, this photo wasn't the best i have seen of him ;-)

I think vanassa is sometimes really mean, but she is really nice too though!

Is this picture from gossip girl, or are they together for real? :O I though he was dating a other girl!