over at le fashion there's a post asking readers to comment with pictures of their current mood. since i needed to link this shot somehow i decede to post it on here too. i can't figure out the word to describe the emotions i'm feeling; bored, frustrated, depressed, under stimutlated? this picture caputures it.

judith bedard, ths


he seems alive though he is feeling blue, the sun is shining man he's super cool

i love dusty colours. they look sun worn and loved. the afternoon light only adds to the warmth of this look, all grey layers and hazy blues. i'm also having a strong attraction to anything perforated or netted lately, especially this great light scarf. the cardigan is completely perforated except for the hems but it's hard to tell in the photos. i can't wait to wear it with cut offs and tanks this summer.
i've added a clip of one of my favourite hip hop tracks right now, day and night by kid cudi b/c i always have more swagger with my hair pulled back, ;) the video is crazy too.


new haircut

my new haircut. i didn't have to change it to much, it's just way more layered. the lightness makes it possible for it to have more body and wave like kristen stewart's hair in the photo on my sidebar. i'm so happy with it, it looks so much healthier now. thanks, charlotte ♥

alexander wang?

at a time when alexander wang has become synonymous with sex, black, fringe, studs, grunge and all things wasson, it's hard to remember that he once did fresh, sexy, light, preppy clothes. in fact, i still love a lot of his earlier pieces, the vest dress, the grey pleated strapless dress, all the cashmere and rumpled cotton shorts.
don't get me wrong, i loved the fall 08 grungy/dirty collection to death, but my favourite wang look ever is actually from his very first collection for spring 07. modeled by one of my favourite girls, heather marks. (one of my lovely commenters alice, assured me this is not heather marks but after searching the web i can't figure out who she is, does anyone know?)
this is a perfect outfit and the shirt is probably the best button down i've ever seen.

source: tfs



i realized i haven't posted in a while, so i thought i'd share one of my favourite editorials of late. it features masha novoselova and is shot by satoshi saikusa. i found the pics over at chicks with guns, one of my favourite new blogs to follow. the whole shoot puts me in the mood for southern utah. i adore the native american imagery, especially all the beading and headdresses. my favourite shot is the one on the horse, just stunning. this is in my top ten fashion photo shoots of all time.


who let the wolves out?

the day i bought the zara wolf tee i wore in the last outfit post i also bought this wolf shirt from rvca. i just can't get enough. i love the graphic tees that rvca does for guys, the boy has quite a few, so i'm always on the lookout for cool women's pieces from them. last week i also picked up a dress and short sleeve cardi/tee from rvca at artizia. i'm wearing them in some upcoming posts. i love the zippers on alternative hoodies. they way they crinkle up and add some texture to a look when undone. what i'm not sure about is the tights in this post. i'm pretty sure i'm over the colour tights thing. these are a heather grey colour so they're still kind of a neutral but i'm still on the fence on them. should i retire them? i wore a green pair the other day and halfway through the day i couldn't stand them anymore and wanted to take them off but it was too cold. tights are kind of necessary in this weather and with this skirt though as it's almost too short. but you know where they're not necessary? southern utah and vegas, oh yeah 22 more days.

hoodie: alternative apparel

tee: rvca
skirt: urban
tights and socks: f21
boots: thrfited, micheal kors
scarf: madewell
bracelet: vintage


shopping adventures

yesterday i decided to check out the shops and see if anything could tempt me from my current state of saving for utah/vegas. at the end of the afternoon all i came home with was twilight on dvd and the new uk elle and id magazines. i picked the daisy lowe cover because she is so badass. i still wanted something new though and today i hit the alternative apparel website and ordered some new tops. i also got a new rocky hoodie in the darker grey. i'm so excited for everything to arrive. i'm going to make my utah trip an alternative apparel vacation and excluding my wolf tee, i'm only bringing alternative tops. i just hope it's warm enough to get some swimming in. do any of my lovely readers live in the southern utah/northern arizona area? do any of you have an idea of the temperatures in mid-april there?

back to shopping, the piece i've been really wanting to add to my wardrobe is an amazing phillip lim cashmere sweater i saw at holts last week. it's basically the most perfect, "me" sweater i've ever seen. it's a grey, low-neck, oversized boyfriend style sweater with ruffles along the bottom of the back of it. it also comes in a cardigan shape, very cute. the only negative is it's 500$+ price tag. i can dream it will make it to the sales. this picture does not do it justice but it was the only one i could find online.



an outfit from last week. i'm obsessed with wolf imagery, it's totally apparent by now to my regular readers. i bought this top as soon as i saw it, i love the graphic. it's definitely going with me to utah, it has a perfect desert vibe. this is another look that ended up being a personal favourite, in part because everything looks better paired with marc boots and a big smile.

blazer: vintage
top: zara
leggings and shorts: urban outfitters
boots: marc by marc jacobs
scarf: american apparel


i'm bringing max his lunch

another favourite picture from the elle shoot. this was the other half of the photo featuring micheal and anton below with the playing card. i am completely enamored with miss isabel lucas. she has gorgeous face, big eyes and perfect hair. thus, be prepare to see a lot more of her in future posts. side note* how amazing is the tank? it has an alexander wang vibe but it's actually salvatore ferragamo. i love the chain details on it. i also love the skull necklace by lady grey. it looks like a t-rex, very cute in a scary, predatory dinosaur kind of way.

shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior

here it is, the "smells like teen spirit" editorial from elle magazine, shot by former t.n.s. feature photographer, carter smith and styled by ms. erin wasson. the spread features some of the hottest faces in young hollywood, including michael angarano, freida pinto, imogen poots, kristen ritter, alexis dziena, anton yelchin, sarah roemer, rafi gavron and the gorgeous isabel lucas. isabel is in my favourite shot of the series, the first below one on the left. i adore the liberty print mixed with plaid and she is just so stunning. i also love the first photo on the right with frida and micheal and the final two shots. they definitely, encompass the empire records theme of the shoot. plus, i adore sarah roemer (last pic on left) she was so good in disturbia. all in all, great editorial. i love erin's styling, it totally reflects her rvca line's aesthetic.

soure: elle.com


modelinia morning

i've been watching videos on modelinia all morning, i'm addicted. it's so cool getting to know more about my favourite models. i especially love when they show off their style by letting us in their closets and taking us shopping with them. we've all seen the ones of noot seear's closet and shopping trips so i didn't post those, even though they're probably my favourites. instead i give you the adorable myf sheppard tyring to put together an outfit at my favourite, beacon's closet with only 60$. i also posted an intro to dree hemingway. she seems to be everyone's favourite new face. i adore her shopping bit at the end when she heads to circa now. i need to check out this store next time i'm in new york. that blue jacket and those reddish heels are killer, she has great style.

See more videos on modelinia.com

i wanna hold your hand

my reasons for posting this picture:
  • it's chuck and vanessa (i know it's really ed westwick and jessica szohr but humor me)
  • they both look amazing, great basics, great hair, great accessories and i love the pop of colour.
  • gossip girl was back this week and the fashion was really stellar as was the last 5mins of the show, scandalous
  • i love chuck bass
  • i'm also one of the few people who actually loves vanessa
  • they're so cute together and they're holding hands ♥ * squeals with glee inside***
  • i had to post this so paige could see it, we text each other after we watch each episode and dish on all the good bits, omfg paige! check them out.
*i promise to go back to being a grown adult in my next post and discuss only serious issues plaguing the fashion industry.

photo credit: justjared.com via crista at extra spicy.


roses are red, violets are blue

happy saint patty's to everyone. sorry about the lack of posts these past few days, i've been sick with the flu and getting lots of rest. i still have a nasty cough but i feel much better, so i think i may be able to enjoy the amazing sunny weather and festivities today. that said here's an outfit post. these are some of my favourite thrifting finds from the last little while. i got this dress months ago but 90's florals are always aces in my books, i'm even wearing one right now. this cardi is a dream. i adore the rich colour and it is so cozy. it has even more pop with the gold buttons, amazing find. lastly the boots, i'm not sure if i already mentioned these, they're ralph lauren riding/biker boots and practically brand new. great boots for muddy springs and stomping puddles. it's amazing what you can find in the men's section. a while back i wrote a guide to thrifting. it was back when i had less readers so i'm going to post a link to it in case any of you want some tips to help with finding the good stuff, click here. lastly, i got the sweetest email from amanda de cadenet about my post on her work. she confirmed that this amazing picture is indeed of her two daughters. if you're reading this amanda, thanks for the kind words and i can't wait to see new photographs from you.

dress, sweater: vintage thrifted
tights: h&m
belt: urban outfitters
boots: thrifted, ralph lauren
necklace: diy


cozy friday

sometimes all you want to wear is cozy, comfy clothes. in fact it happens a little more then just sometimes in my life. sure it's great to have fun with fashion, wear heels or blazers, squeeze into the skinny jeans but i certainly have no problems embracing my low maintenance side. this look epitomizes that. i paired a vintage jersey tee that i cut at the neck with leggings and flat boots. the vest took the outfit from an around the house, casual errand look to work appropriate by giving it a bit more polish, .....sort of, lol. the sun in these shots makes it feel like spring has sprung but we're still freezing in the negative temps here, when will it end!!! i wanted to give a little shout to patty griffin. i am absolutely obsessed with her song, rain at the moment. it's not a new track but for some reason i can stop hitting repeat on it. check it out. ** an update... i tried to fix the rain player so it would play the whole song but it doesn't seem to be working. i urge you to click the link so you can hear it all b/c it's such an amazing song and the verses are incredible. secondly, i wanted to say thanks for all the input on my haircut. i'm going to grow it out for a while and see how it goes, thus the win goes to kristen stewart. happy weekend!

vest: urban outfitters
top: vintage
leggings: lululemon
boots: vintage, guess
necklace: diy

perfect pair

had to post the new addition to the side bar in a larger format, it's my favourite twosome alexa and kate. i wonder what they were talking about? don't they both have amazing hair?

props to rack and ruin for bringing this moment to my attention.
here's a preview of my next outfit post too. it warmed up a enough last week to wear this sweater coat. i love the pop of blue it just happiness. unfortunately, these temps didn't last but at least i had a little taste of spring. stay tuned for what's underneath this knit cocoon.
sweater: aritzia
scarf: madewell
bag: mulberry
boots: vintage guess
leggings: lululemon


decision making time

okay... i need some advice. what should i do with my hair? i'm in this in between stage where i can either grow out my bangs more or re-cut them. below are the two ladies i'm hair crushing right now, kristen stewart and ruby aldridge. i've tried to show the two looks in the photo booth grabs but it's hard to do bangs, as they're pretty long now. which looks best? what should i do? i'm hoping to get my hair done next week so i'd love your opinions. thanks xxxx cindy.