we can't all stay here forever

if you've been hanging around true north style for a while you know i have a soft spot for anything 90's/grunge/plaid etc etc... it stems from the fact that i was just too young to have any angst when it was actually happening. i do have a sister whose 6 years older than me so i got to watch her experience it all the first time with envy. thus, i want to relive those moments as much as possible, it is my favourite time period in fashion and music and this vintage blind melon tee marries the two. i searched long and hard for a unique blind melon concert tee, very hard to find. shannon hoon wrote my two favourite songs no rain and change (whose lyrics grace my sidebar) so i have to represent. i worn it grunged up to the max, with a slouchy beanie, layered long sleeve tee and velvet booties. paint it up!
wearing: blind melon vintage tee, aritzia tee, hudson jeans, h&m beanie, topshop boots, tylie malibu bag, rayban over sized wayferers


i love mixing stripes and ditsy florals, a perfect combination. it was still a bit chilly so i topped everything off with an oversized denim shirt, layered up.
i think this is a true north introduction to my topshop ambush boots, you'd already have seen them if you follw me on instagram (tnscindy) or watch my youtube haul/favourites videos
so versitile, comfortable and a great alternative to my black isabel marant dicker boots when the weather doesn't want to co-operate with suede. these guys are popular for a reason and i even like them better than their acne look-a-likes.
wearing: aritzia denim shirt, h&m striped long sleeve tee, vintage skirt, topshop ambush boots.

guess girls

with guess reissuing a collection of the pieces claudia schiffer modeled in their campaigns in the 90's, i thought it might be cool to check out some of the original 90's ads. totally iconic, everyone wanted to be a guess girl when they saw drew, anna nicole and especially claudia. these are my two favourite images, cowboy claudia and "bridget bardot" claudia in leopard print. so sexy.
now i just need to grab some of the clothes so i can channel my inner guess bombshell.


skate dreams

sometimes there's nothing better then skinny jeans and sneakers. my favourites at the moment are my vans sk-8 hi's and my ash birdy sneaker wedges, non-stop wear. i'm hoping to pick up the all leather versions of these babies when i hit the vans store in la, but until them i'll stick with the classic canvas.
wearing: aritzia denim shirt, citizens jeans, vans sk-8 hi's, h&m striped top and tylie malibu handbag.


mara hoffman for soludos - tns favourite

so excited for this collaboration, mara hoffman and her incredible prints paired with the iconic espadrilles of soludos.
there are four great designs: the odyssey purple eyes, the neon tiki stripe and my two favourites the mystic white pencil and totem bird print.
when i saw them on mama's a rolling stone i knew i had to grab a pair (i bought the totem bird print) especially because they're only 45$. unfortunately mara hoffman doesn't ship out of the usa, but soludos does and i was able to snag them there for 66$ with canadian shipping (still a great deal in my opinion). i'm not sponsored by these companies, i'm honestly just in love with these and had to share them with my lovely readers, get them while you can!


you put a spell on me

(the wicca, immortals, zodiac, anita rings)

i am so obsessed with the maniamania modern utopian collection.
the rings especially have this magical talisman quality i really can't live without.
i think i'm going to have to pick one piece to call my own, probably the wicca ring...
which would you choose?


poison ivy

one of my favourite dresses of all time.
tom ford knows how to makes clothes women want to wear, stunning.
too bad there's no award show for most obsessive tv watcher, best shower singer or fastest novel reader,
i might have had a place to wear this beauty.

black daisy

super quick outfit post shot by my friend james again.
so quick in fact that i didn't realize how creased my vintage betsey johnson daisy shorts were, please excuse the wrinkles!
i paired them with an old favourite, my tylie malibu underground kings bag and a new favourite my topshop ambush boots. they're both give a look some edge, while also being so comfy.
wearing: sweater: aritzia, skirt: vintage betsey johnson, boots: topshop, bag: tylie malibu


the opening ceremony coachella boot

when i saw these candid shots of rosie a few weeks back i was instantly drawn to her boots. the higher curved heel and western stitching made them just different enough from the isabel marant dickers to warrant purchase and immediate obsession. one problem, i had no idea who made them, that is until now. these babies are by opening ceremony and are available in black, tan, brown and blue (gorgeous). you can pick up the aptly named "coachella boot" online here, here and here on sale!
(i'm trying to resist due to my upcoming 5 week road trip, willpower cindy!)