my new boots are like butter

looking at this oufit now it seems sort of autumnal with the brown and green tones but i just love that colour palette. i'm wearing a green tank that was originally white before i dyed it. i found it too sheer and this green colour makes it a lot more wearable. it ended up with a tied dyed effect as the dye didn't absorb evenly but luckily it looks intentional. i'm also wearing my new boots that i got at eleven in nyc. i love the laces and how soft the leather is. i still can't believe how many amazing vintage boots there were in new york, in my size and in such good condition. it was hard to just get three pairs i could have got 10. of course i don't know how i would have explained that at the border if they would have checked my bags. i've also been really attracted to the look of a looser longer shirt under a fitted shorter top. i think the layering effect is more exaggerated and it gives the outfit more character.

sweater: urban outfitters
tank: vince, dyed by me
jeans: levis
boots: vintage, eleven
bracelets: vintage
necklace: banana republic

my future's so bright

showing off my new deep v and enjoying the sunshine of early spring. tomorrow is april first!

shirt: thrifted
t-shirt: alternative apparel
jeans: levis
shoes: nike court force
glasses: beacon's closet
necklace: h&m, luv your pets charm

nyc recap day 5

on our last full day in nyc we started the morning off with breakfast at clinton street bakery in the lower east side. i had amazing fluffy blueberry pancakes with maple butter sauce. it was delicious and i loved the atmosphere of the place. after brunch we took the train over the bridge to willaimsburg. i fell in love with beacon's closet and i would have gladly spent all afternoon there but i didn't want to make everyone wait around for me. i got some vintage booties and a pair of new sunglasses and polka dot sheer tights. in the afternoon we headed back to soho to do some returns and last minute shopping at sephora and ag where i bought some sexy dark blue skinny jeans. i was having some last minute guilt for not doing much cultural touristy stuff while on my trip so after an early dinner at north america's first pizzeria lombardi's i headed over to the moma for their target free fridays. after soaking in the picassos, monets and warhols i finished the night off with a beer at cb's and a tasti-d-lite, how mary kate of me. i loved nyc so much and i can't wait to go back.

coat and hat: h&m
hoodie: urban outfitters
top: urban outfitters, cheap monday
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: vintage, guess
bag: tylie malibu
scarf: vintage
earrings: gypsy


kate break

to dispel any notion that kate is over or no longer the reigning fashion icon i pause for this kate break.
whether it's through her work or through her personal style kate never fails to awe and inspire. she's effortless, in her modeling, her beauty and her look. no one else has what she has. i think she'll be holding onto her crown for quite a while yet.

nyc recap day 4

i woke up early again today to check out bloomingdales and try and find a bag to fall in love with. after looking through the handbag section i settled on three options a gryson, a tylie malibu and a rebecca minkoff. the gryson was a little small for an everyday bag and the most expensive so it went to the bottom of the list. the other two were comparable in size and price. they were also both black which i was trying to avoid. the deciding factor was that the tylie bag was slouchier and could be worn across the body making it more versatile and slightly more rock and roll. i definitely will think of a r.m. bag for a future purchase but right now i love my tylie malibu bag. i was very impressed with the service at bloomies too, the woman who helped me was so helpful and patient with my indecisiveness. after bloomies i met up with chris, sonia and kevin and we hit urban outfitters again were i picked up a red alternative apparel v-neck. sonia got a very cute blue ruffle tank too. then after darryl and carly arrived we stopped at a few more shops and headed to find the burger joint in the parker meridian. unfortunately, they didn't have veggie options and there was a huge line so instead we decided to go to a thai place two doors down instead. it turned out to be a great idea because i had the best pad thai ever at topaz and amazing wonton soup. in soho i fell in love with madewell (check out karlie kloss on the website) and bought a sweater and a scarf. since i've gotten back all i can think of is how i should have tried on their ankle zip jeans. don't you always regret things that you can do nothing about. i guess i'll have to look out on ebay for them or hope i get back to nyc soon. i was disappointed at opening ceremony as i didn't find anything i loved and i was expecting to really like the store. after saying goodbye to carly (she had to head back to t.o. early) the guys headed to happy hour and i discovered a few more things around soho. i went to pinkberry for captain crunch and strawberry covered froyo. i found an adorable french bakery called ceci cela were i bought delicious croissants and mandolins. sonia and i also hit up fresh were i got their infamous brown sugar body scrub and in god we trust were i got a cheeky heart necklace.  it says hit me with your best shot i also bought a feather charm ring. later for dinner we went into the meatpacking district and enter the craziness of tortilla flats. now, the tortilla flats in toronto is a regular barracuda baseball hangout but it didn't compare to it's new york brother. this place was a party with good cheap mexican. we sang along to journey and bsb, spelt out rude comments with their stick on letters on our shirts and enjoyed the chaos around us. after a quick stop at a local dive we headed back to the hotel to rest up for our last full day in nyc.


happy bunnies

for a day of mani/pedi's and attonment on dvd i decided on my plaid jumper and new boots. i love how this jumper reminds my of angela chase and jordan catalano. i modified it and made it mini as it originally hit mid-calf.  i also wanted to say happy easter to everyone. i hope everyone has a great day with their friends and family and eats lots of chocolate eggs.

jumper: thrifted vintage
t-shirt: american apparel
tights: wal-mart
boots: vintage, beacon's closet

nyc recap day 3

after heading to bed early the night before i ended up waking up before everyone else and headed out for a morning to myself. it was pretty early so to kill some time before the shops opened i went and hunted down the breakfast at tiffany's house. it's the brownstone that holly golightly lived in in the film. after awkwardly trying to get pics of me in front of the house without people thinking i was stalking those that actually lived there i headed to a luncheonette for some breakfast. i ended of the morning with a quick stop at duane reade for anti bacterial spray and tissues and victoria's secret where i picked up some undies, a adorable striped sleep set and a pair of pink boyfriend sweatpants which i'm wearing as i type this. after meeting up with chris, kevin and sonia we headed downtown to century 21 on the subway. it was my first time on the ny transit line and i was impressed with how fast, clean and cheap it was. we stopped at starbucks and the girl spelt my name so wrong on my cup that  i had to snap a pick. i've never seen cindy spelled that way, ever. century 21 was so overwhelming, it's 4 floors of fashion mayhem. there were lots of deals to be had but i settled on a primp grey and black hoodie with swallows all over it and a black classic thomas wylde bikini. kevin picked up an amazing juicy men's leather jacket at 450$ off the online price. after quickly checking out the world trade center site we met up with carly, darryl and brandon in the lower east side. this is where i found the coolest vintage stores. around ludlow and rivington were store after store of amazing stuff and at one such place i got the best boots ever. carly picked them out first but they were too big for her. they are black, just over the knee flat boots with zippers that run all the way up the back. best of all the were brand new never worn vintage and under 90$. i wore them my last two days in nyc. after a lack luster lunch i met up with my friend joanne for tea and a chat as she lives in jersey now. we ended the night off with two free bottles of vodka and half empty stomachs at the smallest most expensive dinner ever at public.

hat: h&m
top: vintage
hoodie: urban outfitters
jeans: earnest sewn
scarf: h&m


kiss me i'm not irish

for a day of thrifting i decided to break out my new floaty urban top as a post st.patty's celebration. the night before we spent the holiday eating dominos and pillsbury chocolate chip cookies at chris and sonia's. this top is amazing and i have it in three colours. i also wore my new booties from beacon's closet. i wish i was heading there this day instead of value village but i did find two cute sweaters and two jackets so i guess it wasn't that bad. see ya, starbucks calls.

sweater: winners, adec
top: urban outfitters
jeans: 18th amendment
shoes: vintage, beacon's closet
necklace: in god we trust

nyc recap day 2

day two of my trip sent me to central park but before we left we went up to the pod hotel roof and took some outfit shots. then we walked to the park and spent a sunny morning checking out the rink, the zoo, bethesda fountain and strawberry fields. after we worked up an appetite we headed towards soho and had the best lunch ever at cafe habana. it was so good, i had the corn on the cob and the fish tacos with rice yumm. i would eat there every week if i could. after lunch and margaritas we did some shopping and i bought the first deal of the trip. at an awesome vintage store called eleven across from habana i got a pair of toffee coloured flat boots that lace up the back. they we my size, amazing soft leather, great condition and on sale. i loved how easy it was to find my size in vintage boots in nyc i guess it's because there's a bigger population. it also seems eleven is popular place because rachel bilson was photographed leaving there only a few days before. We headed for broadway and checked out uniqlo and urban outfitters were i got a t-shirt dress and another floaty tank and nyc polish for my growing collection. finally we headed to marc by marc jacobs and magnolia for t-shirts and cupcakes. i found the cupcakes in nyc really sweet and i must say starbucks vanilla ones are still my all time favourite. later that night everyone headed to the lower east side to eat and go to maxfish. i was coming down with something to i decided to stay in to try and curb the illness. i would be my luck that i got sick anyway and everyone saw my post subject from the other day josh hartnett at the bar, boo. at least they confirmed my skeezy image of him.

checking out the view on the pod rooftop patio

where's blair?
heading to the fountain
the ladies are taking a break
strawberry fields forever

margs at habana

mmmm.. the best meal ever.
rachel shopping at eleven
magnolia almost passes the test.

coat: h&m
plaid hoodie: urban outfitters
brown hoodie: alternative apparel
scarf: vintage tristan
top: ya ya
jeans: 18th amendment
shoes: emma hope
sunglasses: roxy, breakfast club
headband: urban outfitters
earrings: gypsy
bag: aritzia


northern exposure

i write to you while watching northern exposure and eating easter sweet bread. i promise day two of nyc will be posted soon. i got to get it all down before i forget what happened. here is another outfit that includes my newly tailored wranglers. i love these jeans.

tee: american apparel
jeans: vintage wranglers
belt: vintage
scarf: thrifted carachel


home snow home

for my first day back at work i tried to keep new york alive with my new marc jacobs nyc tee. i got it at the busiest, tightest store you've ever been to where they have tons of cheap marc stuff that make great souvenirs. i got my mom an umbrella and my sis an i love you necklace. even though i have to work and it's still wintery here i am glad to be home. that doesn't mean i'm not already planning my next new york visit. check out my awesome new bag and my soho manicure in essie aruba blue.

tee: marc by marc jacobs
jeans: denim of virtue
bag: tylie malibu
boots: hunter 
hoops: h&m
ring: in god we trust
bracelets: thrifted

nyc recap day 1

we left for buffalo early in the morning and after a quick stop at starbucks and chris and sonia's we were off. we got to the airport and boarded our flight to nyc amongst the snowy slush and cold temps. an hour or so of rob and big episodes on my ipod and desperately seeking susan  on the jet blue satellite tv (fate or what my fav nyc movie on my first trip to nyc) and we were landing. we scored a very baller suv to ride into the city in and i took in all the sites. the buildings, the cabs, the water towers and empire state building. best of all no snow and sunny skies. when we got to the pod hotel and our surprisingly nicer then we expected room we stashed our stuff and headed to times square. we had lunch a bbq joint called spanky's and hit a few stores. i bought an adorable polka dot sleep set at h&m and realized that there's no tax on clothes under a hundred bucks in nyc, awesome. then we headed back to our room to change for dinner. after meeting up with some friends at avenue a and 2nd ave. in alphabet city, i half expected people singing from balconies because i love rent, we had dinner at supper and awesome tiramisu. that was the end of day 1. 

a snow free nyc, the big apple.

rocking the baller pose with carly in the back of our suv.

sonia, carly, darryl and i in times square.

getting pretty for supper in the pod.

my dinner outfit. supper at supper.

mmm... tiramisu.

coat: h&m
sunglasses: roxy quicksilver "breakfast club"
scarf and hat: h&m
sweater: aritzia
tank: club monaco
bustier: vintage
leggings: aritzia
boots: vintage guess
hoops: h&m


break skate was robbed and i'm wearing stripes

the final outfit before nyc. i'm wearing my fav horse dress again. i love that it's long sleeved so it's perfect for the colder weather but it's also made of thin material so it can also be worn into the summer. i paired it with my stripy cardi and my newly found silver hoops. it seems someone left them in the pocket of their horse print hoodie and put it in their hamper. who could have done that? ha ha. well as i sit here drinking coffee from my new coffee maker waiting for rob and big to start i'm freaking out thinking of all the things i still have to post. will i ever catch up? maybe i shouldn't have spent the last hour watching america's favourite dance crew and mourning the loss of break skate. or spent three hours today at value village scanning the racks, although i did get an awesome vintage benneton striped cardigan.

cardigan: urban outfitters
dress: h&m
necklace: vintage, luv your pets
leggings: american apparel
hoops: gypsy