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i have found a new love, tumblr.
so many photos. it's heaven.

my favourites

all photos from long live the queen.


mellow yellow

i can't afford sienna loubs but i can afford these from asos.
on sale here now. i think i'm going to have a sunny fall.


skins, zombies and mutants

  • firstly, how stunning is kaya in the july uk instyle? the shoes in the second picture are unreal. i love the cut out details. i can't wait to see more of her in the fourth season of skins, which has just started shooting. 
  • i've been a little behind on commenting lately. i'm blaming it all on good books and a need to dvd. all i want to do is laze my days away in a good story whether on my laptop or on some pages. following as many blogs as i do it can easily take me hours to read and comment on them all, not to mention work on my own posts. i just rather spend those hours reading pride and prejudice and zombies, which i finished last night. i loved the spin on what is probably my favourite book. it made the story a little more modern. even though it's still set in late18/early 19th century england, lizzie bennet is a shaolin trained zombie killer and thus a lot more forthright when it comes to talk of sex, death and mayhem. it's funny, entertaining, has great illustrations and the zombies blend perfectly in with the well loved austin verse. so, if you love jane austin you should def. pick it up and while you're at it track down the bbc mini series, lost in austin, so good.

  • finally, on my dvd list: gilmore girls season two, the entire original x-man cartoon series, into the wild, the messengers (♥ kirsten), pride and prejudice, twin peaks s.1 and 2., jurassic park, overboard and tru blood season 1 if it is ever in at queen video (it's always rented.

she gave good f a c e

beauty shots
i love a girl with freckles.



i spent my past wednesday at the toronto zoo, seeing all the animals and petting sting rays. next to the awesome, super friendly sting rays (they are like dogs, they come right up to you to be pet), my favourite animals are always the big cats. tigers, leopards and cougars are so powerful and beautiful. what would be better then capturing that beauty in clothing. when i found this skirt thrifting i was so excited. the colours are great and it has big cats all over it. i was planning on shortening it but i couldn't wait to wear it any longer so i just rolled it up like my old kilt wearing school uniform days and rocked it. *** it's weird to see these with my hair back, so not used to it.
top: urban
skirt and belt: thrifted
shoes: nine west
necklace: banana republic
bag: tylie malibu

you're under arrest

one of my favourite celebrity spreads. it was done at sundance for jane a few years back.
i love how much fun everyone had with it and all the crimes they came up with. i think this would be a great idea for a wedding or party activity/favour. too many favourites, but paul rudd has the best expression (his says murderer, by the way. these photos are unfortunately a little small), love josh hartnet, indecent exposure in a public place and shameless ambition, danny masterson's mom jean fetish, scott speedman's prostitution and parker posey's stealing focus.
shot by kenneth cappello

mixed bag

random lovely
from cobrasnake via dirty glam, lefashion, wildfox, calikartel and tfs. 


the sun after the rain + cassie and sid

the jeggings the jacket
it's been a frustrating few days. crap weather, i'm breaking out, i feel gross and men on the street can be disgusting. i thought maybe a little retail therapy was in order today even in these "trying and failing to save times" (did i mention work's been less lucrative too lately?). so i went out to try and exchange an h&m jacket for a smaller size, get some jeggings and some dark grey jeans. headed to the h&m on bloor where they didn't have my jacket or the denim jeggings i've become obsessed with, i need a 2nd pair. then to aritzia and holts for denim. again no luck. i decided on some hudson's but they were either the wrong colour or the wrong size. the only sparkle in my day so far was getting a gorgeous pink neon and grey leopard scarf from zara. but wait then it started p o u r i n g. i got soaked in my 25minute walk home, grrr. waiting for me were my colin stuart boots. except they were too big, and not at all as cute as i expected. doub. grrrr. i would keep them if they weren't almost 200$ with shipping/duty/exchange because they were comfortable and looked good done up, but when you folded them down to expose the shearling they stuck out a lot in a weird way, so they are returned. finally i decided to give it one more go and try the h&m at dufferin mall. a place were you can buy lotions from the red sea, any possible gadget for your iphone and the world's largest door knocker earrings. the mall does have a walmart and an h&m so i actually frequent it on the regular and today i loved what i found. both my smaller jacket and my jeggings! now i'm home getting ready for a watchmen/the messengers doub. feature.

i guess my luck has changed.

shining down

more cut-offs and ysl. the summer of 2009.
this song is also defining my summer. the new lupe fiasco featuring matthew santos "shining down". the video isn't out yet so no youtube clip, but you can listen to it below and then go get it on itunes. i promise you won't regret it!

top: urban, shorts: levi's thrifted/cropped, boots: thrifted micheal kors, ring ysl.


i left my heart in san francisco

i love these boots.
they're the perfect height and they have such a nice pattern on them.
best of all they were only 15$.
even better, they are the most expensive thing in this outfit.
top: vintage (i'm not a giants fan, but the shirt was too soft to resist)
shorts: levi's, thrifted and cropped (my fav. pair of the summer)
boots: vintage
bracelet: vintage



raccoon eyes and cigarettes.


will and phil

willa holland at the phillip lim party in la.
i love this girl, she really needs to start doing more work.
i miss her on tv, maybe a return to gossip girl?
love the outfit too and the forest green bag.
s t u n n e r
sr. justjared

y s l

love   love   love.
i've been a very impulsive online shopper lately.
it's been easy to curb my spending in the shops, i've only had one big h&m haul in the last few weeks, but when i see something i want online, i've been just going for it.
not exactly good for my current "trying to save" situation.
i can honestly say though i have no regrets about this purchase.
the ysl ring is amazing. it's all you need to accessorize a look, it gets loads of "oh my god, i love your ring" complements and it's a classic piece. it's like my very own gorgeous piece of reef coral and i've been wearing it like crazy. on top of that net-a-porter was a delightful, fast shipping, enclosed duty and beautiful packaging. 

she's a maniac

i'm not really a welder by day, stripper by night
i'm a dancer
"on air"
jessica miller
shot by inez van lamsweerde & vinoodh matadin
vogue paris