to the last day of summer!

get out today and do something fun.


alphabet city

the new alexa ad for dkny jeans.
just a little screen cap for now, hopefully i can get a hq version because i love the look.
i really need a new winter coat and this one could be it.



classic sienna
boho in layered fur and holding an amazing chloe bag
i love her with brown hair too.
circa 2004.

tick tock

i've been thinking about getting one of these michael kors chronograph watches. i've seen them in tons of magazines and on the wrists of the lovely carly and my fav. ebay make up blogger lollipop26 (check her out, her videos are so addictive). they run for around 250$ 

what do you think? and which one? i'm leaning towards the rose gold (i adore rose gold) or the black. there is an awesome black steel one with black numbers in the sept. instyle but i could only find a pic. of the white numbered version online.


my favourite screenshot from alfie.
she is so beautiful in this movie.

and your little dogs too

sienna with porgy and bess

what i've been loving from your blogs

i love the orange and navy combo, plus a great necklace collection.
i had to buy this tunic today after i saw it on antonia. great photo.
everything about this photo is stunning, pandora, the lighting, those cutoffs and i want a black mongolian fur so badly.
i love the proportions here, long blazer, low jeans. great take on menswear.
so fun, you could engrave it with your own best before date.
could i please have some sequin shorts and a bag like this?
the best shot from a great editorial. plus i love the hoodie/blazer combo.

kaya, grunged out and starbucked.


i love sienna miller

this video pretty much sums up why.
she's fun, real, loves her dogs ♥, has great style that isn't "try hard"
she wears her fav. pieces over and over, can rock flip flops or uggs without being a fashion victim, and isn't a slave to trends.
all romance/guy/dating crap aside, because really who cares?
she's the kind of girl i'd love to hang out with.
i'm doing a little sienna style retrospect on tns over the next few days, so expect a lot of her.


today's rings

left hand top to bottom: silver wolf head, silver rose vine, silver moonstone 

right hand top to bottom: silver snake, silver mouse band, silver mexican crystal, silver tiffany's heart band

she likes to party all the time

three great looks.
sienna, jessica and alexa.
can i just say wow to the legs on these three, wow!
src. justjared

the new moon shoot

i love this photoshoot. taylor and kristen are so sweet together and i love that her hair is back!
the outfits are pretty great too. i love the arrow print shirt and her belts are amazing. the snakeskin leggings are making me wish i bought the h&m ones that came out a few weeks ago oo.
legging look: elizabeth and james top and thomas wylde leggings. arrow tee look: citizens of humanity top and jbrands but no id on the belts? what? belts thomas wylde


happy birthday to me

because it's my birthday.
taylor kitsch.

outfit love, alexa love

amazing sweater dress
i would live in it this fall.
+ a wow necklace.


h&m h & m h&m

my new sequin leggings + a few other pieces i wouldn't mind picking up.
always love for biker jackets,
grey jersey and leather dresses layered up,
big big scarfs,
fluff lined jean jackets,
and long wooly socks.

freedom reigns

r u glamour

brooklyn, brooklyn take me in

v a c a t i o n  s o n g s

ring me

two new rings and an old favourite
silver native american head- street stand
silver rose vine- street stand
gold and silver leaf band- gift from portugal

twice as nice

some of my favourite pairs. you can catch most of them on my side bar permanently, but i thought they deserved a post too.
  • spent the rainy days at the cottage reading and re-watching gilmore girls season two for the hundredth time. rory and jess ♥
  • you got to love alexa and alexis too. check out the shoes. i want alexis', they're supposedly h&m.
  • b and bass. enough said
  • lastly taylor and kristen from the new entertainment weekly. i love this photo shoot. you will see more from it.