mossy glossy - day and night

i don't even know what to say...
the girl has it, day or night.
i can't even imagine a day when i won't want to wear everything she wears.
if it ever happens, it will be heartbreak.

p.s. this is my 1000th post, whoohoo! thanks to all my lovelies for the support.
p.p.s buy the new adele album. 21 is epic/gut wrenching/beautiful & absolutely necessary.


torn to shreds

nyfw. so far i've not been blown away. hopefully things heat up once we get overseas.
i did like dkny, rebeccca minkoff, band of outsiders, theory and the leopard cashmere toms collaboration at the row + we still have proenza and lim...
at alexander wang the stand outs were the glitter pants and these incredible lux evening looks above, v.sexy.



child-like beauty/never thought i'd say that about sex bomb rosie

kate bosworth -- short stories

the bosworth in tiny shorts.
this is how you do it.
i can't tell you how much i love the first picture. something about it is so appealing.
the sun | the boys | the outfit | the pose

jewelmint and marant

kate in marant at the kings speech party last night.
i wish that her jewelmint line was available to canada. those necklaces are pieces i'd like to get my hands on. have any of you tried it out?
src. tfs/justjared

wrap me in pendleton

meghan collison for oyster dec/jan2010
this is the perfect meghan shoot. her look was made for 90's grunge. tough but such beauty.

fall/spring whatever... as long as it stops snowing.

these two photos have been sitting on my desktop for months. they're from shopbop's free people fall styling feature. now, the fact that i haven't posted them yet shows my blogging energy zapped by the constant grey/winter bullsh#t blahs but, the fact that i'm posting them now shows that come the thaw i'll still want to dress like this...
layers, knits, tiny boots, 90's dresses and a touch of true north.