atlanta - oh what a night.

you know it was a r e a l dance party when you're holding your shoes on the way home.

the always delightful, atlanta de cadenet, in a pair of killer heels.

src. the cobrasnake



great look: plaid cropped pants, tough oxfords, paisley scarf, slouch.
love the texture and drape of the sweater/scarf combo
love the taylor/kstew combo
tribs and the perfect fur collared jacket
f r e e d o m
hot moss and pink roses
the perfect nirvana/twilight-true blood-vampire diaries-ash redfern t-shirt hybrid
pretty pretty zanita, a perfect picture.
skinny skinny black with big big knit + great hair

all the things on my desktop with no categories or themes, just goodness.
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mission winter c o a t = the aritzia military parka

dearest aritzia,
i love your tna military parka.
i would like one please.
army green + size small.

when will they be in stores???

listening: n.w.a. gangsta gangsta
smelling: fresh balsam pine cone candle from bath and body works
wearing: gosh nail varnish in wild lilac and all my pretty gifts from portugal (video haul on this all soon).



i know we've all seen these amazing pictures of hanne backstage at the alexander wang show.
i loved her layering, her braid (obvi.), and most of all her nirvana tee. i bought the same one a few months ago at public butter, one of my favourite vintage shops here in toronto.
i've been wearing it a lot this summer and i had to post a picture of it.
i only wish i had pretty lighting like that in the first picture of hanne. it is so stunning.

more cowbell

very simple day look.
3 great pieces. oversized southwest inspired graphic tee, perfect and inexpensive acid wash skinnies, beaten up studded etro knockoff gladiators that sparked a thousand more knockoffs.
i must add that you really notice the power of the mac mineralize skin finish here, i love my soft and gentle.
top: aritzia, jeans: h&m, sandels: steve madden

if you like it then you better put a ring on it

check out that fleur de lis ring.
gorgeous jewelry.
*** it's too bad the beautiful life has been cancelled already. it wasn't the best show, but i will miss all the fashion, the industry shout outs and seeing sara paxton on a regular basis.
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i follow about 100 blogs. i try very hard not to forget where i pick up images because i hate when people post my stuff without giving credit back, still sometimes it happens.
if these belong to you drop me a shout, i'd love to link back to you and give you props for posting photos that truly transport. with summer ending and the city getting me down a girl can dream about days like these.

*** a few blog notes. i've greatly expanded my labeling so if you like a post click on the corresponding label for related items.
it's taking a long time to redo almost 2 years of posts but i'll get there. i've also tried to re-size some posts too. i won't do everything as that is just too much of a process, but it is bringing new life to some older stuff on tns. for example, if you're new to miss alexa chung i've done loads of posts on her style in the past and they're all re-sized so check out the archives.


foxy lady

megan fox covers nylon
i love this girl
i also love my boy kevin! happy 6 year anniversary luvy
src. justjared.


tumblr love

diane is queen of the girl in boys clothing look. love the glasses and the oxfords.
yum. starbucks and westwick, many dirty thoughts.
the most stylish bartenders, shaken or stirred?
windswept. hoodie/hair love.
this is how i drink with a cup and saucer.
it's weird seeing someone else do something you always associate with yourself. it made me smile.
so pretty. curls and frills.
stunning alexa, wow eyes & great nails.
canadawhore, longlivethequeen, glitter mixed with rockandroll



so go on brush your shoulders off.

makeup/fashion haul video 1

after obsessively watching make up gurus like lollipop26 and all that glitters21 doing haul videos i decided to try my hand at doing my own fashion and beauty one.
so here's a look at some recent purchases that i've been loving. let me know if you like the haul video idea and whether i should do these on a semi-regular basis.
then if you want to see more videos check out my favourite makeup gurus on youtube.
laura at lollipop26
elle at allthatglitters21
blair at juicystar07
aubrey at fafinettex3

it's your birthday so i know you want to ride ide ide out.

this is my birthday look.
i wore it for the big friends dinner out.
super fun night.
it called for an extra special/sparkly outfit.
my h&m sequin leggings that are so rad and inexpensive. definitely go pick up a pair if you can still find them. my owl tee from aritzia that i special ordered. in fact, when i bought it i had no idea what colour it would end up being as it was labelled "menage". none of the sales people new what that was but, as i didn't want white, i just chose it. it ended up being forest green which is perfect b/c that's one of my favourite colours. finally the shoes, i wanted these forever. when they first came out they were over 200$ at nine west. i just couldn't justify spending that much on nine west shoes, no matter how cute. but while shopping for bday presents i saw them on the sales rack for 68$ and an additional 20% off. best of all they actually had my size! so they ended up being under 60$. happy birthday to me.
top: aritzia, leggings:h&m, shoes: nine west boutique, bag: mulberry brooke

alexa entrenched

alexa chung at the burberry show.
the celebs flocked to this london fashion week standout in droves.
can you blame them? bailey is a genius and the clothes were stunning, classic, special pieces.
the real winner though was miss chung once again.
stunning hair and make up, gorgeous burberry trench, adorable belted mini and sky high platforms to ground it all.
good going lex.
src. tfs.


baby mammas

"for people like us, a collage degree is just an accessory... like a malawi baby or a poodle". -chuck bass
src. canadawhore


kings of leon - hamilton 19/09/09

the kings of leon
what can i say about the show last night besides it was unbelievable.
electric, fun, epic.

it was one of the best shows i've ever seen and i've seen some amazing acts. it had a lot to do with the crowd/band dynamic. the boys were loving us, calab was smiling the whole time. he said after the first 4 songs we were the best crowd all tour and that coming into hamilton they weren't expecting much (if you've never been to hamilton it's a city of 500,000 and they make steel there so half the city is pretty waterfront and half of it is towers of flames and piles of rock) but they'd never come to canada again if hamilton wasn't on the bill. calab said we made the show an experience the band would never forget. they were joking with us and with each other about how they couldn't even hear themselves, everyone was so loud and into it. they bowed for us forever after their 3 encore songs. i was standing dead center, ten rows in and stared at caleb all night but there was no sign of lily. although the place was packed so she could have been there. as for their reputation of no stage presence i must disagree, they were dancing around, very talkative and rocking out. whoever says that hasn't seen them with a good crowd because they were phenomenal last night. caleb was also drinking gatorade most of the night so perhaps that made a difference. i can't wait to see them again! but if the show isn't as good i'll look to the words of the boys, "if it's not forever, if it's just tonight, it's still the greatest!" nothing can tarnish the memory of last night.

i went with my sister. thanks for these pictures christine! it was her birthday present from me. you can see us above.

i wore my vintage over the knee boots, new hudson jeans. wildfox tank that exposed my mesh aritzia bra, zara scarf, twenty8twelve leather jacket, mulberry brooke bag,and oakley glasses.

you've seen the pieces, here's the look

going to keep this short.
here's the total look that goes with the accessories post i did earlier. i wore this birthday shopping last month. i still had my cottage tan, big time.
now off to bed as it's 3am and my throat hurts from screaming and singing for two hours at the kings of leon concert tonight. full recap tomorrow but i will say caleb and the boys surpassed my every hope. they were better then best.
accesories: vintage, street stand, nine west, tiffany's and mulberry.
dress: aritzia



the good stuff.

it's been so long since an outfit post. i have so many lined up. some, like this one, are from my birthday and almost a month old. must catch up.
earrings: vintage
rings 1st picture: (l to r,t to b) street stall, vintage, thex, tiffany's
rings 2nd picture: (l to r,t to b) street stall, vintage, gift
bag: mulberry brooke
shoes: nine west