sheer obsession

 i have this obsession with sheer, black, lacy, romantic pieces.
it probably goes back to pretending i was a sorceress or fairy princess as a kid, but it was rekindled when i saw this photo on tumblr:

i realize this skirt is not black, but it was the styling that inspired me to find a similar piece in the color to recreate this look. layering a dress/skirt/vest over dresses, shorts, jeans, or hell, whatever catches your fancy can add something so special to an outfit. you can take it very sexy and romantic or grungy and rock and roll, all depending on what you decide to pair under it/over it. i personally love the look for day time. i would pair my sheer black lace with a band tee or over sized knit over it and either skinnys or a body con mini under, then add chunky boots to ground the look. if i were to go more nighttime with my styling, i would channel stevie nicks - 100% witchy woman with, pointed heels or ankle boots, lots of lace/velvet/sparkle and tons or eyeliner and messy hair.
what i'm wearing this holiday season.