desperately seeking cindy

last night iwatched one of my favouritemovies of all time, desperately seeking susan. i love the performances in this film. madonna, rosanna arquette and aidan quinn play these characters you want to know, to be and to be with. plus, it's an amazing fashion movie with great style and amazing visuals that capture the urban street vibe of 1980's new york. the images of dez's loft, the vintage clothing shop, bleecker street cinema and battery park make you want to go to nyc and be a part of that energy. i fell in love with aidan quinn in this movie and i love the chemistry between him and rosanna, especially in the scenes were they finally get together amongst the film reels strewn all over the floor and in the final scene in the projection room. so what exactly stood out fashion wise in the film for me? the skeleton suitcase, the layering of lace leotards and bustiers, square wayfarer style sunglasses, tuxedo jackets, sequins and heels for day (i wear flats too much), grey nail polish, scarfs tied in a bow as a headband and having a signature piece like the pyramid jacket. it also convinced me i must get a coffee machine with a timer and when i finally get a place with flat walls i want a big mural poster on one accent wall.

one lazy sunday

i don't live in new york city so i can't go to magnolia on a lazy sunday. what i can do is veg about in comfy leggings and boys hoodies and do some diy. i found this cool dolce tee in a magazine and i loved the way it played on the gray jersey and abstract art trends that are currently in fashion and also going into spring. what i didn't like was the price tag. for $550 i thought i could make it myself. i bought some fabric paint, got a gray tee at a thrift store and used my university trained fashion arts skills to create my version. it might not be as good as the d&g tee but i think it turned out well and i even got complemented on it when i wore it below.
outfit 1
hoodie: hollister
tee: urban outfitters
leggings: american apparel
socks: marks work warehouse

outfit 2
top: diy
jeans: earnest sewn


working girl and her dog

now begins the work week for me as i changed my schedule around to have the party last night. i have, in fact,  just arrived home from shift one of four and really should be sleeping right now because shift two is tomorrow morning. then right after work i have to head to my parents house a half hour away to watch my dog for the night.  he's really old and has diabetes, poor buddy, so i have to give him his shot while my sister is out. then the next day i have to drive back to the city for shift three in the afternoon and finally shift four is the following morning. after this stretch i hope to have an extra day off so i can try to finally get rid of this cold i've had for over two weeks now.  oh, below are some new thrift store finds.  now that i live downtown i don't thrift as much because i find the stores here are more picked over, but whilst trying to find 80's stuff for the party i went a few times in the last week or so and was pleasantly surprised at what i found.


shirt: value village
top: value village
jeans: levis
shoes: vans
necklace: h&m, personalized luv your pets charm

party like it's 1988

last night was my boyfriend's 80's themed birthday party and it was a blast.  thanks to some great maneuvering by my friend chris we were able to get him to the party on time and still managed to surprise him even though he had found out about the party a week ago.  it was so fun dancing to all the 80's tunes and even though not a lot of people dressed up i had a great time in my pink party dress and lace gloves. i also wore my favourite pink bow headband, it still amazes me the great accessories you can find in the h&m kids department. here are some pictures of me and the birthday boy last night. in the second one i'm showing him my sexy madonna-like crinoline.

headband: h&m kids
dress: vintage, ebay
necklaces: vintage, value village
earrings: h&m
crinoline: vintage, exile
shoes: vintage, value village
jacket: h&m
gloves: vintage, courage my love
bracelets: claires and value village


i heart nyc

we booked are new york trip tickets tonight so now we're all set. we got the place to stay we got the flights now i can't wait for the nyc week away. i'm going with my west coast travel buddies, chris and sonia, my fella and my friends darryl and carly. anyone have any must see spots, shops or restaurants?
scarf: vintage
hoodie: urban outfitters
shirt: vintage
jeans: paper denim and cloth
wellies: hunter

brooke and phillip

i love my plaid phillip and my leather and chains brooke.

scarf: vintage
coat: phillip lim 3.1
gloves: urban outfitters
bag: mulberry brooke

bang on

a couple posts ago i mentioned a birthday dinner i went to and this was the outfit i wore that night. this top was a christmas gift from my boyfriend and i love the slouchy shape of it and the punky studs. but enough about that night, today i got my hair trimmed and bangs recut from charlotte at coup. it took me forever to commit to bangs and even though i have the ones that you sweep to the side versus blunt bangs it was a big decision. after collecting pages of clippings of cute bang hairstyles i figured i want them and if i hate them it's just hair, it will grow. luckily i loved them and now i wish i never waited so long to take the plunge. bangs give you character and really suit hairbands and hats. i have so much more fun with my hair now.

top: aritzia
pants: french connection
boots: vintage, thrift store
earrings: h&m


girl's best friend

i originally was going to get this top for my boyfriend but i loved the horse image so much i ended up keeping it for myself. an oversize tee can look great loose over leggings or tucked into jeans like this one here. even though these are mid-rise jeans they give the illusion of a high waist because i'm short waisted and because i added the belt. i love this belt because it has unicorns all over it. i had a serious unicorn thing when i was a little girl and my whole room was decorated with them.

top: loomstate
belt: vintage
jeans: levis
sneakers: converse all star
ring: h&m
necklace: gift, and personalized love your pets tag
nail polish: rimmel, "electric" navy blue


no rain

so another day, another outfit. right now i'm trying to get rid of this awful cold which hopefully will be gone in time for the party i have planned for my fella's birthday. it was suppose to be a surprise but he found out about it which sucked still, i think the party is going to be a great time. these boots have a good story to them. i actually got them out of somebody's front yard. they had a big free sign out and a bunch of stuff  they were getting rid of. they probably didn't want them because they have a hole in them but as long as it doesn't rain they do me fine. oh, my boyfriend always says i look like the mannequin off today's special when i were this vest because it's sparkly in the back but i think it's cute. 

vest: urban outfitters
tank: french connection
jeans: 18th admendment
boots: free
necklace charms: gift, and personilized love your pets tag


nick stokes is a hot bloke

ok, now i'm going to put the dvd on but one more post before i go to bed. this is rascal, he's a stray cat that lives on my street. i'm allergic to cats so we can't keep him but he comes to visit most days to get some food and some love. he's a great cat but he's quite the little beggar.

i love the great outdoors

i just came back from celebrating some birthdays with excellent japanese food and beer; happy birthday carly and jackie! and instead of putting on season two of csi and getting into bed, i'm trying to catch up on my blogging because no one likes a blog that's never updated.  here goes, this is an outfit i wore the other day when i went sale shopping over on bloor. i knew i was going to be walking a lot so i put on my comfy hunter wellies and braved to toronto slush. all the snow is melting here because it's been warm the last few days, it's like spring. it is snowing as i write this though so i don't think winter's quite over yet.  this is one of my favourite necklaces and i get complements on it a lot. i love when you find cool pieces that are inexpensive at h&m, thrifting or vintage shopping and they become signature pieces for you that you wear all the time.  those are really the best deals because who cares how much something was if you never wear it.  the bag in the last photo was another boxing day find i wanted it for a while and scored it at a great price. on this shopping trip i bought another thing i've been admiring, an awesome marc by marc jacobs military inspired sweater coat for over 50% off.  i can't wait for the real spring to wear it.

sunglasses: marc by marc jacobs
bag: tna, aritzia
plaid shirt: roots
long sleeve tee: box
leggings: tna, aritzia
necklace: h&m
boots: hunter


tag me

so i mentioned a few posts back that i had ordered something cool and if it turned out like i'd hoped i'd post the results for you all. well the aforementioned project arrived and they look great. i decided to make personalized dog tags with cute pet like sayings and song lyrics. at www.loveyourpets.com they let you order tags in three shapes: circle, heart and bone and three materials: gold metal, steel and a red plastic. you can then write basically anything you want on them. they are pretty inexpensive too. i got three made, two hearts in gold and red and one silver disc. on the red heart i wrote: cindy, if lost return to bellwoods park (it's my favourite park near my place). on the gold heart i wrote: cindy, i love cookies, chasing boys and long walks in the woods. finally, on the silver disc i wrote a line from my favourite blind melon song no rain: i just want someone to say to me i'll always be there when you wake. my favourites are the two metal ones but the easiest to see from far is the plastic materiel. i plan on making more quote ones and i think they'd make great gifts.  the only down side to the metal ones are you have to be careful with keeping them away from sweat and water so they don't tarnish. 


nice hooters

i was trying to figure out whether to wear this outfit with the shirt tucked in or out. a year ago i would have absolutely went with out because i haven't tucked in a dress shirt since catholic high school (they made me). but more and more i've been liking the tucked in look especially with the new high waisted jeans that have become popular in the last year. i ended up going with the tucked in version, what do you think? i through on my bow and owl pins to add a little collegiate/balenciaga badge vibe.

vest: h&m
shirt: aritzia
jeans: j brand lovestory
shoes: converse high tops
belt: vintage
bow pin: mine since i was five
owl pin: vintage

great 0 8

this was the best night. here's some pics of me drinking bubbly and celebrating the new year. i'm in my vintage pink mini dress and orange cracker crown. thanks to jackie and mike for having us over, it was a blast.

jersey girl

i had the best new years ever this year. it was so fun because i was with some great friends and i'll post some pics from the nights celebration soon. before i got to enjoy some champagne and dancing i had to work and that's were i wore the look below. i decided to were my high waisted kate skirt with the now classic gray jersey american apparel deep v-tee. i also put on these new tights i got from the gap and even though the were a size small and the right size for my weight they barely, barely covered my bum. i had to stretch them to their very limits just so i could get them on. i mean who does the gap expect to be buying these, people under 5 feet? i know i have long legs for my height because i'm short waisted but i'm only 5"4 and a half. do they think you have to be short to be small. it was so weird. oh, and for you bargain hunters out there, if you like the skirt i know for a fact it's on sale right now.

top: american apparel
skirt: h&m
tights: gap
boots: vintage roper, ebay
earrings: gypsy
necklace watch: marc by marc jacobs

this day in music history

i grew up with a relatively sheltered knowledge of music. i wasn't against any one genre or not open to new things i just wasn't exposed to much more then what was on the radio. luckily i now live with a music freak who exposes me to new artists almost everyday. a lot of the time the singers that really get me aren't new but ones that came out in the 80's and 90's when i was too young to appreciate them. the other week i was watching the hills (don't judge, i know it's fake) and they played this song that was a cover of something i've heard once or twice. i thought it must be a new young girl popstar but when i heard it again yesterday while out with my friends they were all like, it's frente!. the song is bizarre love triangle by new order and i just love angie's voice. my friends said every girl had the frente! cd when they were in high school but i'd never heard of them. i am going to pick up the disc tomorrow, say no to illegal downloading! another song i love that's sung by a fantastic girl is almost lover by a fine frenzy. this girl is new but her voice has that same vulnerable quality i love about the frente! cover. i've been listening to the lemonheads a lot too and i can't get enough of the song frying pan. they do a cool cover of luka, the hit from another female one hit wonder of the 90's, suzanne vega that i like too. finally, my favourite song ever is no rain by blind melon and i absolutely love shannon hoon. my boyfriend was watching them on youtube today and they were preforming change (the best song) on letterman the day after kurt cobain died and shannon was just so out there. it was great. i remember i was in 6th grade when kurt killed himself and i still can picture being on the phone with my friend as she told me and was crying. i didn't get why she was so upset until i grew to understand just how important nirvana was in high school. lithium is my favourite nirvana song, by the way.