#tbt warmer weather wish

A thursday throwback to last May and a sunny day in tennessee. hiking around radnor lake is one of my favorite things to do when visiting nashville. the trails are beautiful and there's always an abundance of interesting wildlife to see, turtles, deer and snakes oh my! it's a great escape only minutes from the city. wearing: shorts - vintage levis via urban outfitters, tee - topshop, sneakers - nike, bag - american eagle
rings left to right: ebay, etsy - kathrynriechert, vintage etsy, vintage etsy, pangea in nashville, tiffanys, native american trading post in utah (zuni tribe)


1990s time warp

I'm always going back...
baby leo, mossy, kurt - angel, kelly taylor, alicia - 90s florals
trainspotting - choose life, work "supermodel", nirvana - krist/kurt/dave
reality bites - my sharona, the craft,  renton and diane, liz and that dress
cher, kurt - baby, pam anderson - tooltime, ultimate kate

90s forever


parry + chloe = two bandits.

it's always exciting when your favourite people collaborate with one of your favourite brands.
this is the new campaign for two bandits, who make the most incredible western inspired jewelery (so my aesthetic), shot by quite possibly my favourite photographer of the moment, jason lee parry. now even though i always prefer when jason shoots his wifey jenny parry, it's great to see one of my favs chloe norgaard featured in the campaign.
two bandits always chooses the coolest girls to represent them and chloe is totally channeling a tolkien elf, if they had 3 day ravs in middle earth.