prep poser

we all know those fake tuxedo t-shirts that were so big in the 80's. i like graphics that play on that look and i already have a tee with a vest print. when i saw this one for just a few dollars during boxing day sales i thought it would make a good addition to my wardrobe. it even has a badge on it that says cool in school. so cute and it plays up the uniform look i love. as for my car, it will live to run another day and my sister will hold on to hers for a few more months. i'm just glad i will have wheels to get to the vintage clothing show this weekend. plus i'll need it to do the many errands i have piled up before i head to new york. i still have to go home and visit my parents, exchange money, get a mani/pedi and figure out how were going to get to the airport in buffalo. hopefully, it will all come together in time. finally, i have to say goodbye to the starbucks cupcakes on my favs list because they're gone for another year but i discovered delicious brownies at the drake today so they have a replacement.

shirt: thrifted
tee: h&m
jeans: levis
runners: converse all stars


white wedding and black lace

on saturday i went to my friends ashley and andy's wedding. it was a lot of fun and ashley looked beautiful in her lace wedding dress. i also wore lace, in the from of a black 1960's trapeze cocktail dress. the dress has a black fitted sheath underneath and shear black lace trapeze shape overlay. it has a square neckline and there's a satin bow where it zips up in the back. i wore it with purple tights for a punch of colour, my 20$ zara heels (which were surprisingly comfortable for the 1st 8 hours) and my gold chandelier earrings. unfortunately my camera died before i could get full body shots of the outfit and i was way too tired when i got home to bother taking photos so you'll just have to wait until next time i wear it to get the full effect.

dress: vintage, vintage 69
tights: h&m
shoes: zara
earrings: gift from mom brought back from portugal

tramps like us

i love bruce, i love born to run and seeing him play it live last fall with the e street band was unbelievable.

sweatshirt: vintage

crowning glory

this is an outfit of almost all discount finds. there's a thrift store cashmere blend sweater, a h&m tank, holt's outlet jeans and ebay vintage shoes. in fact the only splurge is my faux leather headband. which i think is very crown like in a grecian hippie way. i love it so much that even though it was pricey for a headband i had to have it. the tank is another example of the calico floral trend i'm really into right now. i think with looking back at the early nineties liberty prints just seem fresh again, especially since i was pretty young then and never truly got to embrace them. this was also the day my car finally lost it and tomorrow i'm hitting the mechanic again to see if there's any hope. the bright side is i may be receiving my sister's car whether mine is dead or not and it will be nice driving something that was created in this millennium. oh, one funny tidbit. these jeans are pretty old, in fact they may be the first pair of premium denims i ever bought. they're super worn in and comfy but because of this i'm always paranoid that they're going to tear at the absolutely wrong moment. still, i can't get rid of them, they were the jeans i was wearing on the first date with my boyfriend.

headband: urban outfitters
sweater: zara, thrifted
tank: h&m
jeans: juicy couture
booties: vintage, ebay


cindy's guide to thrifting

people are always asking me how i find such cool things at thrift stores. so i decided to put together this guide to share with everyone my tips for success. 

  1. only go to the store when you have the time to look around. thrift stores are usually chaotic, unorganized, badly lit places and if you are stressed or rushed you probably will be too frustrated to find anything. that said, if touching countless possibly smelly or grimy items just to find a gem disgusts you maybe thrifting isn't for you. it should be something you look forward to doing, i love the thrill of the hunt.
  2. always check coats and shoes first. these are your biggest bang for your buck. furthermore, people always hang on to their good shoes and dress coats because they only wear them for special occasions so when they finally hit the thrift store they're usually in good shape and vintage.
  3. dresses, accessories, boys coats and tees, cardigans and the dressing room rack are also great spots. you can usually find barely worn and vintage dresses because again they're worn less often and get taking good care of. boys items can make cute cropped blazers and vests for women. plus, most women's vintage tees are put in the boys not the women's section at stores. cardigans in both the men's and woman's sections are great for layering, easy to fit and you can often find materials like cashmere and merino wool for next to nothing. finally the change room rack is like having someone else do the work for you. if you have the right person go through before you arrive there maybe countless cool items waiting for you to snatch them up.
  4. always go when it's not busy, mid morning and early afternoon on weekdays are best. if you have to go on the weekend go about a half hour to an hour after opening so they have time to put out new stock but it hasn't been picked over yet.
  5. try to scan each aisle with your hand and eye, this way you can pick up interesting patterns and fabrics without having to go through each item. expensive high quality items will jump out if you pay attention.
  6. grab anything that catches your eye and then try everything on. when things are just a few dollars you can be adventurous but make sure you'll wear it at least once. 
  7. don't let the fit of an item always put you off a good purchase. remember things can be hemmed, let out, taken in etc. that matronly skirt can be turned into a modern high waisted circle skirt by just shorting it a few inches. almost anything looks better mini ;)
  8. go often and don't get discouraged. you may not always find much but the day you snag a burberry trench for 7.99$ makes it all worth it. i should know, mine's red.
happy hunting!


love in the afternoon

for a day walking around the city to check out the fire and the early spring merch at the shops i threw together this outfit of recent deals and old favourites. i didn't end up buying too many spring items but i did get a great pair of peep toe maryjanes marked down to 19.95$ at zara (the last pair and in my size!). i plan on wearing them to andy and ashley's wedding on saturday. i also discovered that la senza is now carrying the pink line from victoria's secret. which is very exciting for me because i love their undies and loungewear. after a yummy lunch of hot thai noodles at salad king i headed home and snapped these photos of a late winter afternoon in toronto.

sweater: aritzia
top: aritzia
jeans: j brand
boots: hunter
scarf: thrifted, cacheral
necklace: clothing show


the blue light special

tuesday was the quarterly 50% off sale at value village. these sales can bereally hit or miss because of the shear amount of people hitting the stores but i thought since i'd never been to the one in toronto on a sale i'd check it out. it turned out better then i expected and i ended up getting nine items for under 30 dollars. unfortunately, i couldn't find any cute kitsch art, boots or leather jackets but check out what i did score below.

another flannel shirt, this one is tommy hilfiger. i'm not totally sure i'm going to keep it yet. it may be returned due to the obscene number of these i already own.

sweet gold buttoned navy cardi. easy choice because i don't have a cardigan in this colour and the fit was a little slouchy like i like.
white knit cape. very marc by marc, maybe you know that pic of selma blair in the adorable pink marc cape. erin inspired me too with her cute cape at brazen head on monday.

lace bustier. just what i'd been looking for after that desperately seeking susan post. it's shear so i have to wear it layered over another top but that's very erin wasson inspired, did you see the shots of her at the alexander wang after party?

white etienne aigner loafers. very eighties prep and in fabulous condition. molly ringwald would totally wear these.

cacharel scarf. enough said.
missoni inspired scarf. following the ethnic/tribal trend for spring/summer 08.
shell necklace. could be cool for layering.

on top of all this great stuff i decided to hit up winners after some grocery shopping at duffy mall and i scored a pair of light grey j brand skinnys for 22$, they were really really marked down.
all in all a good shopping day.


queen street's on fire

a break in the regular fashion postings to share some sad news of the queen west fire today. it was heartbreaking to walk down my favourite street and see a whole block devastated by fire. luckily no one was hurt but my heart when out to all the businesses like suspect video and preloved that were virtually destroyed by fire and all the people who lost their apartments. it's so sad to think that i'll never walk down that section of the road and see those historic storefronts again. it really is a piece of toronto that was lost. i went by today around 12pm and again around 4 and the fire crews were still pumping huge amounts of water on the fire that started around 5 in the morning. buildings had collapsed and some were just shells of their former selves. it was all so unbelievable.


reality bytes

i also rented half nelson and i must say for a heavy movie i really enjoyed it. it kind of made you think if you met dave you could make him fall for you and your love could save him from his demons. the reality is he'd would make an awful boyfriend. still, ryan gosling is incredibly sexy in this movie and you can see how women could look past the problems and get involved with a guy like him. it brings to mind the allure of kurt cobain and inspired me to once again channel the nineties with this outfit. these little flowered dresses are appealing to me right now especially with chloe sevigny's line for opening ceremony out of my price range. it's great to find these for just a couple of dollars. you can see my hoola hoop in the first pic, i'm still really bad at it. 

sweater: h&m
dress: thrifted
tights: h&m
boots: hunter
ring: h&m
pins: vintage
earrings: claires

the trinity bellwoods squirrel

i'm a bellwoods lover and part of loving the park is loving it's adorable albino resident. here's an homage to him, my squirrel toque.


toque: goorin

a week in a day

i realized that i've been a bit behind in my posting so today i got a few outfits to put up from the last few days. this is a little work number. wolfy. i've been watching a lot of movies lately trying to stay in from the cold. one of the ones i really enjoyed was becoming jane. i am a huge jane austin fan and i read the biography that the movie is based on last year so i knew the film wouldn't have a happy ending. still, i was gutted when jane chose to put her happiness aside and do what she felt was for the good of many. heartbreaking sacrifice. what's refreshing about jane's work is how she's able to write with so much passion but without displaying it physically with anything more then a kiss. instead she uses words and emotion.

scarf: thrifted
green top: urban outfitters
wolf top: urban outfitters
jeans: walmart
boots: hunter
bracelets: tiffany's and jeremy's silversmiths
earrings: gypsy


enough with the snow already

okay, i love living in ontario. i love the seasons, well maybe not the humidity in the summer, but i love the changing leaves, snow, the spring melt and all that. it's just enough is enough already i'm sick of all the snow. it hasn't snowed this much in one winter in years. i mean no one is going to believe that global warming exists if it keeps up like this. on top of the cold, the wet, the slush and the pain it all makes trying to get anywhere all you feel like wearing is skinny jeans, sorrels and lots of layers. it's making having a fashion blog and being creative a bit difficult because every outfit ends up looking the same. so instead of posting more boring outfits here's to hot summer days and wasaga beach. happy valentine's day, y'all.

bikini and glasses: h&m


hula hoop injuries

i got this weighted hula hoop to try and add some definition to my waist. i'd like more of an hour glass figure versus the straight shape i have and i read using a weighted hula hoop is really good at targeting the abs. it seemed like fun too but it's actually really hard or maybe i'm just bad at it. i was finally getting the hang of it last night and my abs are so sore right now. so maybe i will see some results, anything has got to be better then doing boring sit ups. this is another sparkly vest. i'm such a magpie i love shiny things.

vest: urban outfitters
dress: community, aritzia
leggings: aritzia
moccasins: laurentian chief


peanuts and elephants

i've been trying to salvage some sort of style while staying comfortable and warm this winter. it feels like it's been a long time since it has snowed this much in one winter. with a big storm on the way the other day i took advantage of some warmer temps and headed out in this look. i did throw on my peanuts because it was still a bit snowy that day. they are my leather moccasin like lace ups and my winter go to before i got my sorrels last year. as you can see the real snow can later night and we're still digging out from this one.

earrings: h&m
sweater: line
dress: h&m
tights: h&m
elephant necklace: banana republic
boots: peanuts

they're stomping in new york

so the giants won the superbowl, you got to love an underdog. but they're not the only ones stomping, as they say, so are all the lovely ladies at new york fashion week. i've been reading the blogs and checking out the photos on style.com and i have to say i like what's happening for fall 08. lots of colour, lots of emphasis on the waist, great pants and little jackets. i was i little disappointed with spring 08, very little excited me. one show that did stand out was alexander wang and his collection for fall only solidified my infatuation with him. his stuff is so easy and but with a tough edge. he makes the kind of clothes the cool girls wear and the look is effortless. some of the elements i loved in the fall collection were the continuation of the exposed zipper trend especially on the pants and knee high boots. i also love all the vests especially in leather and sequins. the show was very sexy, a little biker and very wearable. i want i want i love i love. wang loves to collaborate with model erin wasson and she's been acting as his show stylist for two seasons now. she has great person style and in the december issue of vogue australia there's a great spread where she shows off her look traipsing around byron's bay. below are some shots from style.com of the alexander wang show and my favourite pics from that vogue spread.


he ain't heavy he's my brother

last night was the heavy's big debut at the horseshoe and i went out to see chris, ruben and the boys rock out. i decided to wear my comfy pocketed jewel tunic that i bought for my staff christmas party, my new boys tux jacket and my deal of a fringed purse. the purse is one of those things you want all season but is just a bit to much to spend, then at sales, if you're quick you can get it for a steal. i got this leather bag for 28$ when it went for about 100$, love it. a outfit that works at a great rock show and at mc d's after for a hamburger happymeal.

jacket: thrifted, value village
tunic: aritzia
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: winners
bracelets: thrifted
earrings: claires
bag: mango

made in japan

like most girls i'm always trying to find that magic product to make my lashes look larger, longer, lusher. but no matter what the brand or what the price i find mascaras don't do that much for me. my lashes are naturally dark, curled and longish which may be why i don't notice dramatic results but if you are well endowed in the chest department a push up bra only makes you look more busty, right? so if that theory is correct my lashes with mascara should look like falsies. i read about this mascara from japan in a magazine called fiberwig. it's suppose to look like false lashes without the work and embarrassment of them possibly falling off. so i sent away for it through ebay and waited, anticipated the top selling mascara in japan. i tried it as soon as it arrived and well i still can't tell if i look that different, if raccoon eyes in the morning are worth it. what do you think?


three wishes

some things i'm lusting for.
hanky panky lace teddy/bodysuit: i love the slightly loose fit, the all over lace and the colour. it would totally go with that desperately seeking susan vibe and it would be great for layering.

graphic bangle: i've liked jessica cushman cuffs for a while but the phrase on this one is especially cute, when i'm good i'm very good but when i'm bad i'm better. being a graphic design person i love type on things.

the perfect wallet: i wanted to treat myself to this miu miu wallet for christmas but it was sold out. i prefer it without the croc embossing and either black or a bright colour. so classic i love it to death.

lip gloss emergancy

for christmas this year my boyfriend wanted me to give him some ideas of what i'd like under the tree. so, i put together this insane two page list of items ranging in cost from a few dollars to over a thousand. needless to say i didn't get the chanel bag but i would of got the too faced mood swing lip gloss if sephora had had it in stock. the sales person told him they weren't available in canada at the time. i heard about the lip gloss in a magazine and it seemed like a cute idea, a gloss that changed from clear to pink depending on your mood. well, yesterday i was at sephora and they had the gloss. i tried it on and headed over to the mirror for a look. i don't know what mood i was in but my lips were bright magenta and the gloss was way outside my lip lines. i looked like a 5 year old girl wearing her mom's lipstick. it was awful. this may be a good product for people who like bright lips and have careful application skills but i think i'd scare people if my lips suddenly turned that shade of pink. i did end up getting a lip gloss, i chose california kissin' by benefit. i loved the shininess of it, the applicator and the minty taste. it's also suppose to make your teeth look whiter because it has a slight blue tint. i'm not sure if my teeth were whiter but my lips looked and tasted great, love it.