nov. 21 unzipped

here's the 2nd part of my nov.21 outfit. the first time i wore this i didn't have the skirt on with it but for work it's a bit too revealing as a dress. i also added the sweater because it's so cold here now that a little shirt dress just doesn't cut it. i really don't have much else to say about this look and i have to leave for work so i guess that's it for now. more interesting posts to follow i promise.

sweater: winners
dress: levis
skirt: aritzia
tights: wal-mart
boots: frye

nov. 21 bundled

it's been a busy week and as you can tell by this post title i'm behind again on putting these outfits up. since these were taken i spent a day in the market vintage shopping, worked, worked, worked, studded my shoes until my fingers were raw, saw twilight with sonn, went to see my friend's band the heavy, made all my christmas cards with j.b. and did more laundry then humanly possible. but enough excuses, i wanted to break up these photos in two posts one with the now necessary layers of coats, gloves and hats and one without all that so you can see the outfit beneath. this time of year it's almost like you're always wearing two looks when you leave your house, your outside outfit and your inside outfit, so i try to make the most of it. the under layer will be posted tomorrow if i can squeeze it in between my mom's birthday lunch and work. hopefully, the snow storm holds off so my family can make it into the city to celebrate.

hat and glove: h&m
boots: frye
coat: h&m
vest: vintage
bag: mulberry
tights: wal mart


thrifting in the snow

an outfit post... so this one's from last wednesday. i went home to brampton to spend some time with the parents and check out the local thrift stores. it was sort of a bad idea though because it ended up crazy snowing that night and i had to drive home at a snail's pace so i wouldn't slide all over the road. after an extra hour of drive time i did get home safe and with a few lace goodies and another plaid shirt in tow. all were from the value village where i thrifted for the first time back in 95'. i love that place. the pictures are a little blurry because of the low light, it gets dark so early here now. i'm thinking about getting a digital slr to counter this problem, any suggestions on what to get? i want to spend no more then 600$.

top: wesc
tank: aritzia
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: belle by sigerson morrison

turn up the a.c.

because it's friday and because this really could be an alexa chung blog, i love her so much. i give you alexa.


studs, bella

remember the other post when i talked about my recent aritzia purchases? well here are the three things i ended up keeping. the sweater coat, cobalt blue tank and black wrap blouse. the zara jacket and t-shirt went back to the shops after my shopbop purchases later in the night put some strain on the purse strings. speaking of that post, today i finally got that kate moss style book i wanted but i'll post more on that another time. right now i got to finish my chicken noodle soup and get ready for twilight, yeah! i can't wait. i wanted to wait until i posted today's outfit to show you my completed diy project but i'm too behind and i have to show you all now so here they are. my new black converse lovingly studded by me. i have the callused fingers to show for it but it was so worth it. i love them.


look for the brightness in life


okay, so i didn't end up seeing twilight last night after all. i decided to wait until i had some company to hit the theatre with and even with all the less then stellar reviews i'm going to see it on tuesday with j.b. and sonn. it should be a busy "weekend" for me because wednesday night is going to be dinner with paige and sonn. we're going to eat at work and celebrate a.b. and ian's last shift together, as a.b. is moving to france for a bit and ian's heading off to get into major trouble in south east asia for a few months. i'm going to miss those two so much. the last few days have been pretty uneventful, got a manicure (taupe polish, ohh i'm so trendy), made lasagna and worked on some diy (bleaching and studding) i'll have the results for you soon.... hopefully. this outfit is from last week, i'm very behind. it's very grungy but i'm wearing some of my favourite things, moccasins and plaid flannel... love love love.


the uk makes 7 things....

so stephanie at le cheap c'est chic tagged me to post 6 unimportant things i like, so here they are:

  1. long drives on the open road with coffee (extra nice if it's tim hortons), lots of music (preferably something rocky, sam roberts, kings of leon, springsteen), and my feet on the dash.
  2. the first big snowfall of the winter, especially at night because everything is very quiet and there's is this energy in the air that's unexplainable.
  3. thursdays: new magazines come out, i love magazines and this leads to scrapbook making which is another favourite pasttime.
  4. the moment after you do laundry when every piece of clothing you own is clean and possibilities for what to wear are limitless.
  5. music and singing in the shower. i never take a shower without my ipod blaring so i can sing out at the top of my lungs, i've been doing this since high school before ipods existed back then it was my tragic kingdom cd playing on repeat. that said, i usually end up taking very long showers.
  6. jumping in, i love the water and there's nothing better then feeling the water crash around you, especially into a muskoka lake or the salty ocean.
i'm not tagging anyone but instead i urge everyone to share a bit of yourselves and let us know your top 6.... or 7. xoxo happy weekend.

p.s. my coat came to day, it is lovely and tomorrow night i think will be twilight night i can't wait.



a basic mini dress (or long top) with coloured or patterned tights is the perfect combo. great for dancing around like its the swinging sixties or heading out on the town looking sexy but understated. adding a beat up army coat and you have, "oh this, i just threw on whatever was on the floor." effortless. i just realized i'm wearing h&m almost head to toe, how very scandinavian of me.

dress, coat, scarf, tights: h&m

belt: vintage
bracelet: feather necklace from urban outfitters
loafers: vintage charles jourdan


la rok love

tuesday nov.18th, on the search for a new winter coat. 5 hours + a half dozen stores + tons of time in changerooms + tons of cash = very tired arms and full bags of loot. i spent most of my time and money in aritzia picking up another sweater coat and a couple tops. i bought a plaid biker jacket at zara and some adorable shoes at gap kids. they're sort of vans inspired in buffalo plaid. i loved them so much i bought two pairs, one for work and one for play, as they were only 19$. at the book store i hunted for the new kate moss style book but no luck, it was out of stock. instead i bought cobain unseen, to get my 90's fix, you know how i love kurt. all that shopping but still no parka. finally after a new generation sushi fix i arrived home and in my inbox was an email from shopbop announcing they were having a huge sale. they have a la rok jacket that's so cute that i've posted about before. it has a grey jersey hood and gloves that are removable, plus a jersey vest inside that's lined in faux fur and also removable. it was my lucky day because the jacket i've been dreaming of was 50% off and they had free international shipping on orders over 250$. i had to buy a pair of black toms and black chucks too because the jacket was only 200$ but the two pairs came to only 51$ as they were on sale too. now if only free people would have a similar sale so i could get these moccasins. if the canadian dollar wasn't so bad right now they'd be mine already.

sophomore nyc

introducing sophomore. it's an amazing line of basics that are nothing but, created by chrissie miller. check her out as refinery 29's style girl right now. i love how she and her stuff embodies nyc and i especially adore her zipper skirt and dress, button henley, oversized sweatshirt dress and new york crimes tee. on top of everything, prices are decent, 60$ for a tee, $115 for the skirt and around 180$ for the dresses. these are definitely the pieces that make a girl look effortlessly cool and i have to get these tees and the zipper skirt, can we get this line in canada.... now?