if my life had a uniform...

two thumbs up for some of my favourite new purchases. i just can't get enough of these 90's inspired, comfy choices, there's nothing better to wear in these never ending colder months. 
this tee from wilfred by aritzia is the perfect top for pair with leggings. it's long enough to cover the bum but slit on the sides to follow the curve of the body and take away the frumpiness that oversized tees can sometimes create, especially when being photographed. it's not inexpensive, but it's so lovely that i've already bought it in black (above) and grey. 

if you are interested in learning more about what i've been buying check out my youtube channel for all my latest clothing hauls...

wearing: nirvana men's sweatshirt from urban outfitters, aritzia tee, topshop plaid jeggings, mimosa heeled sneakers, urban outfitters cell phone cover, alexander wang marion bag.


the sleepover friends - queen b.

queen b - inspiration
queen b. the rich girl with a devil streak. she may be worshiped or even a little feared, but to her friends she's their loyal, fearless leader and they see beyond her sexy, aloof exterior. she likes her boys tall, dark, handsome and just a little bad - think dylan mckay, brad pitt and jake ryan. queen b. likes a challenge and she always gets what she wants - think audrey horne, corey mason, spencer hastings.
queen b - wardrobe
queen b.'s sleepover wardrobe includes, silky slips and rompers, satin robes, menswear inspired pjs, soft angora sweaters, luxury inspired graphic tees and sweats, bow headbands, velvet, sheer tights and anything sophisticated sexy.
queen b - hair and make up
queen b.'s hair is glossy and a little blown out, held back with a headband or in a half up style. her make up is clean skin, with a defined eye and muted red lip. she wears classic nail polish colours or maybe a metallic gold as she does like a little sparkle.


90's slumber party baby

i recently styled a super fun 90's slumber party shoot for the online magazine lolita. over the few weeks i'm going to take you through the mood boards i created for the 4 girls individual looks; grunge goddess, tomboy next door, queen b and boho princess, including the hair/make up, the clothes and the inspiration behind each character. after the shoot launches on the magazine, i'll reveal the final product of a crazy day eating junk food, re-enacting titanic, pillow fighting and dancing to my never ending 90's playlist. the images above are to get you in the 90's teen dream mindset and give you just a taste of what to expect, enjoy.
check out the article i wrote for lolita on one of the first albums to change my life "(what's the story) morning glory" by oasis
Wonderwall by Oasis/oasis on Grooveshark


green river

I'm having a serious 90's moment, if you've been watching my recent hauls on youtube you already know this, but i can't seem to get enough plaid, docs, mini dresses and all that's got grungy goodness. call it nostalgia for i time i lived through, but was too young to really experience. this little green jersey number looks vintage, but is actually from my favourite store at the moment, topshop, the flannel and the heeled docs are the real deal, 90's certified although dr. marten's have re-released these babies this year, i think i'm picking up these cherry babies very soon...
speaking of the 90s and grunge, if you're a fan or interested in learning more about the seattle movement, i highly recommend the book
"everybody loves our town" an oral history of grunge by mark yarm, 
it's so good and the best thing i've read so far this year. 
wearing: aritzia sweater, vintage flannel and docs, topshop dress


the rest of 2012 - a recap.

fall 2012 recap fall outfits, san fran celebrating! wc champs, me and jensen ♥ ♥, the supernatural convention, in the impala ---dreamcar---, halloween dressing (gemma teller on the top/peggy bundy on the bottom), thelma and louise, "this shirt is haunted" for gublernation, terrarium making and kurt in concert, lightning wolves, burgundy fringe, tied flannels, camo-ed up, urban outfitters change room decisions, do the bartman, nirvana and riding pants - toe pick!
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