topshop edit - velvet sparkle

my current topshop lusts.
the glacier silver bow court $120us (in red and black suede too), the artwork navy velvet lace up $150us (in forest green and burgundy as well)
the devore velvet platform $190us (in the secret store exclusive navy blue), the ambush glitter ankle boots $160us (already sold out boo!)
i'll take any or all, thank you.
which are your favourite?


everything in it's place

i am in love with this d&g bag

keep it casual

sometimes the best looks are the easiest
messy, simple, vegging out
let kristen, sienna and rachel show you how it's done
src:tfs, just jared


the grand canyon - it's big.

on the road to the grand canyon - arizona highway photo shoots with no cars for miles
that first breathtaking look - unbelievable
at the first viewpoint in my moccs - hazy, windy days and colorado river views
the elements got to me and i had to put the sweater, sunnies and chucks on.

unforgettable - the grand canyon
the drive there was almost deserted, until right outside the park and i kept replaying the national lampoon's vacation song in my head...
the canyon itself, unforgettable/jaw dropping/powerful.
it makes you feel insignificant with it's grandeur and that it's been there forever, literally.
although not as hiker friendly and varied in views as some of the utah parks (you would probably need weeks to truly appreciate all it has to offer), i highly recommend a visit. i hope next time i'll have more than a day there and i'll be able to actually travel into the canyon and along the colorado river. definitely my favourite picture taking spot of the trip, which means there's a part two to this post coming soon..
wearing: vintage shorts, urban outfitters tee, laurentian chief moccasins, converse, rayban over sized wayferers, aritzia sweater, gap sweatshirt (in 1st 2 shots), h&m necklace, pendleton bag, navajo ring.


innocence and lost

scout and alix
light and dark
two perfectly gorgeous shots.
which one are you?


60's/90's mash up

not exactly a new outfit, but take off the tights and you've got exactly what i've been wearing recently.
a bunch of utah vacation buys, vintage treasures and that zara biker jacket.
i'm in love with these 1960's, super high waisted, paint splattered levis i picked up on etsy <3
xxc - lots more post coming this week, i've got to get caught up!
jacket - zara, tee- chaser, necklace/ring - navajo pieces, boots and shorts - vintage


true north loves << mode d'amour >>

zara and converse
amazing cos jeans and her trademark zara tote
cos jumpsuit and zara heels, damn
amazing coat collection
the lovely annemiek from the netherlands
this girl has the perfect capsule wardrobe
simple, clean lined basics with the most special details from her favourites cos, zara and acne
always fresh faced and smiling, plus she has the cutest dog ever.
one of my all time favourites.
i wish i had her restraint when it comes to shopping. if only i could buy a few timeless gems a season instead of wasting money on throw away crap i barely wear.
not to mention annemiek wears her chucks almost as much as her heels, my kind of girl.
check out her sites if you haven't discovered her already.

take me down to the paradise city

zion in the afternoon
the river walk trail
it got so warm i had to change into something a little lighter - g'n'r baby
on the way home...
finished the day with apple and coconut cream pie at the thunderbird
utah sunset/moonrise

oh won't you please take me home
the afternoon at zion. walking along the river surrounded by giants.
perfect day
wearing: h&m tee, vintage shorts, minnetonka moccasins

how beautiful is nothing more than to wait at zion's door

in front of checkerboard mesa
a stop along the road...
at the start of the emerald pools trail
red mud under the first waterfall
the final waterfall at the highest pool. so worth the hike.

i've never been in love like this before
zion national park
the morning held a drive into paradise, lots of photo stops and a hike up the emerald pools trail. with three waterfalls and cool pools to break up the two hour hike, stunning. it was so warm i lost some layers along the way before completely changing in the afternoon. i couldn't imagine doing the hike in the middle of summer... spring and fall really are the perfect times to experience the wild of utah.
wearing vtg cardi, aritzia plaid and long sleeve tee, vintage shorts, target leggings, converse, rayban sunnies and my diy dillon panthers tote.